They call Prophet E.Makandiwa a thief?

COMMENT:- Admin dont even hide my name. I am surprised how some people call my father Prophet E.Makandiwa a thief when we don't have any complaint of theft against him at the police station.

For your own information,Prophet Makandiwa has sons who love him. Let me give you an example of Dr Ted Almeida,a multimillionaire who is quickly getting to the billionaire status.

He owns business world wide,flies his own private jet.When such a man pays his tithe,how much is he paying? This is only one person we are talking about.He bought Prophet Makandiwa a US One Million Dollar car and it's not the Mercedes Benz S65 AMG that you have made so much noise about but it's another vehicle that we haven't seen yet.

I read some comment from a person saying her Prophet drives a Mazda Demio because he has other important commitments for his money.The Prophet of God that sister is talking about might not necessarily enjoy driving that car but the issue is the sons.

You as the sons are supposed to come together and buy your father a better car,you are not appreciating the prayers and covering that he is putting over your lives.
Prophet E.Makandiwa a thief?
You must never be proud that your father is driving a small cheap car because the person being exposed is you the son.He might be deliberately holding back from buying the big cars for himself so that he gives you an opportunity to get a serious blessing.

We at UFIC are crying as we speak,we used to have an open opportunity to do things for Prophet Makandiwa but we didn't utilities that to the fullest.Now he has serious sons especially from outside Zimbabwe who partner with him to the tune of millions of America dollars.

He still accepts the gifts that we give him and after we do that we are experiencing too much grace and blessings physical,I mean tooooo much blessings.

The pain just comes when your father is driving a million dollar car that you didn't buy.Somehow we all want to do the best for our parents.

So dont waste that opportunity because muchachema,the Prophet of God you said drives a Mazda Demio is giving you a chance,wait till he buys the good cars then you will realise that the window period is gone.Ko iyo Mazda yacho yakatengwa nani?,you might find that it was his personal money again and thaaaaaaats noooot goooooood at all.

The comments i quoted from the sister was after another writer spoke of how safe a big and expensive car is,the sister also shot down that point saying his Prophet is kept by God and he won't be involved in an accident.

Fair and fine,I agree with you but don't your want your Prophet to drive a car that has a fridge for his refreshments as he drives,don't you want your Prophet to drive a car with seats that massage him as he drives back home after a long service preaching to you,don't you want your Prophet to drive in a car that cleans the air that he is breathing like what the Mercedes Benz S65 AMG does.Hameno ndangoti ndingotaurawo.


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