Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has been attacked left right and centre for being a total package spiritually and physically.

CONTRIBUTION:- Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has been attacked left right and centre for being a total package spiritually and physically.

He has been victimised for carrying spiritual gifts that are rare to see on a Man of God in Zimbabwe.  He has suffered for being a black and very successful preacher in a country that's facing challenges,some have him for owning the first Mercedes Benz S65 AMG in Africa and worse in Zimbabwe.For your own information no one payed a cent from the church and even if he hadn't bought it for himself he deserves that from us the sons because he is too important and carries too much grace for millions of people, we can never want to see him driving a risky car like a Mazda Demio or something of that death trap nature. One then wonders if some of these critics are missing their monies or something. It makes no sense,a lazy person sitting on a bed with nothing to do somewhere just decides to post a senseless opinion that exposes lack of knowledge and hate for his country and fellow black man.

We are used to broke preachers who beg the congregation for everything from food to tooth paste.We have become so evil that we enjoy men of God who suffer(what a devilish generation). We never criticise a foreign rich preacher no matter how much wealth they have. We are even so lazy to call upon anyone who was begged for money by Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa to come out and expose him because we know very well that there is no such thing. All we do is just criticise.
Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has been attacked left right and centre for being a total package spiritually and physically.
He has never asked anyone for money,he is actually well know for turning away gifts. Its actually a task to get him to accept a gift from anyone.Ask Pastor Kufakunesu his personal assistant.  The Prophet has been victim of fellow preachers who are lazy to read their bibles and have seriously bad characters,they sleep with their congregates and expect God to move in their churches and use them. The Truth About Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa is that he has a character that God wants on his children. There are indeed other men of God who's characters are spotless as far as we see from a distance and that's the likes of God's General Apostle Guti,a man who takes no nonsense on sin especially chihure.

Those who have called him a thief,show us the evidence. It's amazing how someone decides to call him a thief and yet they have never attended a UFIC service.Basa kuita maths muchiona kuwanda kwevanhu. Manje for your own information,he is actually owed by UFIC.Ask Pastor Hwenga who is the Finance Director, he is the one who knows how Prophet Emmanuel and Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa have been the biggest partners in the church.I personally served in the UFIC Finance department before I left the country and I witnessed how the Man of God has nothing to do what so ever with the church's finances. I served in a certain church in the same department and the Pastor would steal tichiona nemaziso edu. There is no Man of God that I have met with serious financial integrity like Prophet Makandiwa.

Admin comment if you want but this is what I had to say.

COMMENT FROM ADMIN :- I have nothing to say.
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