The Difference Between Soap Opera Love And Real Life Love

Every day, Kenyan ladies are glued their TV screens watching soap operas and desiring such fairy tale lives. Sukuma Wiki gets burnt and children are left crying for a while all in the name of soap opera concentration. However, soap opera love and real life love are completely different. The soaps are meant to depict realistic events, but there has to be some sort of twist in order to make them entertaining and marketable.

No woman would want to watch a soap opera about a couple sleeping, silently eating breakfast, and going to church, with no drama involved. There are a lot of unrealistic things about love that the producers of soap operas make sure to immerse into every episode of the Telenovelas. So stop wishing your life was like that of Qarolita on Quando sis ‘Whatever’. Here’s the difference between sap opera love and real life love.

A ‘Happy Ever After’ Ending
In most soap operas, the lovers always end up together. Despite the hardships, there’s no question that they’ll work out their issues. In real life, things aren’t as straight forward. You will love, have numerous arguments, break up, get disappointed, get married, get divorced and so on

Even when your partner seems perfect for you, there will be moments when you question whether the two of you are really meant to be. Sometimes you won’t even date for long. In real life, only special couples survive to the end. Also in real life, not every relationship leads to marriage.

 The Difference Between Soap Opera Love And Real Life Love
Fancy lifestyles
Soap opera characters always go to fancy restaurants, ride horses, own big farms, live in luxurious apartments, and fly across the country to see one another. A man always has lots of money to spend on a lady and a woman always has the best clothes and beauty products. In reality, you can’t afford such a lifestyle unless you are Carlos Slim or Vimal Shah. You can’t always spend on a bouquet of roses or surprise your lady with a car just to say you are sorry.

Things Are Perfect
By watching soap operas, ladies tend to believe that there’s a Prince Charming waiting for them somewhere. They thus end up rejecting a string of imperfect but worthy suitors, hoping that the Prince will come. There’s no such man. In real life there’s no perfect man, perfect woman or perfect romance.

The world is filled with liars, pretenders, schemers and people who possess both perfect and imperfect characteristics. Nothing just flows the way you want it to. Sometimes that guy who is trying to steal your girlfriend will actually succeed. Soap operas lie to us that such a guy will always try then fail and you will end up winning.

Too Much Romance
Couples in soap operas are overly romantic. They literally walk through fire for each other. They never forget to call, they always say ‘I love you’ and they are always giving each other all the attention. In real life, that never happens.

Yes, there will be some days where your lover spoils you, but don’t expect every day to feel like heaven. Most of the time, everyone is on their grind, doing their business. No one really has the time to devote all of their life and thoughts to someone else.

It’s always exciting
Soap operas fill viewers with the false assumptions that you and your partner should always be doing something nice all the time. That’s far from the truth. There are some days, you’ll just idle around watching Teacher Wanjiku, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You don’t have to be constantly kissing, going on holidays at the coast or declaring your love. Most days, you’ll be doing simple, everyday things that they rarely show in soap operas.

By Philip Etemesi – (Author Archives)

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