Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Say “I DO”

There is nothing as satisfying as living with someone with whom you not only love but also share dreams and ambitions. But in order for you to have a storybook kind of ‘happily ever after’ you need to possess some similarities and views with your partner. This helps form a bond that will withstand all the quakes in your marriage. Before you say ‘I DO;, ask yourself these questions.

Does my partner’s views towards children relate to mine?
Children are the joy of every marriage. Before you settle down, discuss with your partner about children. What dreams do you have for your children? What are you planning for them? How many are you planning to have? Ask yourself such kinds of questions then ask your partner too. If your answers are the same, then your children will make both of you happy and keep your marriage strong in future. This is very important because there is a stage in marriage where the love between two partners dwindles and all the love is channeled towards the children. If you had the same views on kids, your marriage will keep on surviving.
Does my partner’s family like me?
In-laws can be hell. Ask yourself if you are in good terms with them. Your partner’s mother is the one you should try to build a good relationship with at all costs since she might really ruin your life if she decides to. Never lie to yourself that love overrules everything. When you are in bad terms with your in-laws, it might reach a critical time when your partner has to take sides and you might be left in the cold.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Say “I DO”
I’m I financially stable and independent?
While in the dating stage, lovebirds rarely discuss the issue of money. The bank usually becomes a hot issue when people tie the knot, because a lot of things are at stake now. Before you get married, ask yourself if you are in a good position to sustain yourself and your partner.Will you survive even if your partner leaves you? Most domestic arguments come from money related issues. The better off you are financially, the more comfortable you and your partner will be.

Do I really enjoy spending lots of time with my partner? Do you get bored of your partner quickly? Then you shouldn’t marry them. Nowadays, many couples spend less than a day together yet they convince themselves that they are in love. In truth, they just love the fun: the séx, the treats, the adventures. You need to make sure you really enjoy your partner’s company even during the boring moments when you are doing nothing because marriage will have lots of boring moments.

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