Sing Sarawoga for me: President Mugabe asks Tuku at graduation

President Mugabe while conferring Super star Oliver Mtukudzi with a honorary Doctor of Philosophy degree at the Great Zimbabwe University yesterday requested that the lanky musician sing him the song Sarawoga.

The sad song is apt for the president who once said on his 90th birthday bash that he feels lonely at 90 years since most of his friends,peers and relatives have died.

President Mugabe asked Tuku, “Please can you sing Sarawoga for me,” he asked.

Tuku obliged and crooned out a few lines from the song, much to the delight of the President and the 3,500 people gathered for the ceremony.
President Mugabe confers an Honorary Doctorate on Oliver Mtukudzi-Pictureby ZimboJam
Mugabe is now the only remaining member of his family following the death of his younger sister Bridgette in January this year.

Obviously the song is reminiscent of the time when the world ceased to move around him and his buddies/peers because they had it all.
President Mugabe confers an Honorary Doctorate on Oliver Mtukudzi Pictureby ZimboJam
As for Olicer Mutukudzi, Vice Chancellor of Great Zimbabwe University, Professor Zvobgo said that the university took a long, hard look at the artist’s life before deciding to confer him with an honorary doctorate.

“We have seen his great contribution to this country,” said Professor Zvobgo. “He is not a local icon, or an African one, he is an international icon.”

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