Exclusive: Senzo Meyiwa Shooting, Detailed Story with Pictures

The best friend of South African football captain Senzo Meyiwa has told of the devastating moment he saw him gunned down at a family gathering when intruders stormed the house.

Tumelo Madlala was visiting the goalkeeper and his girlfriend, Kelly Khumalo, in Spruitview, Ekurhuleni, when three men broke in and demanded her mobile phone after a family Sunday lunch.
Exclusive: Senzo Meyiwa Shooting, Detailed Story with Pictures
The 27-year-old footballer intervened when one of the intruders became violent with his girlfriend but was shot at point blank range as Miss Khumalo’s two children screamed in horror.

He said: ‘Three men came into the house. They wanted Kelly’s phone and she refused to give it to them. There was scuffle between Kelly and one of the men. Senzo stood up and tried to intervene… ‘That was when the man pulled out a gun and shot Senzo.’
Senzo Meyiwa was at the home of his girlfriend Kelly Khumalo (right) when intruders stormed the property demanding her mobile phone, his friend has revealed
Meyiwa, who recently fathered a child with his pop-star girlfriend, is understood to have been on his way to meet his wife at a party when he was killed in cold blood.

MailOnline understands that the athlete had rekindled his relationship with Miss Khumalo after admitting lying to the pop-star and his wife in order to see both of them – and continued to see both women at the same time.

Mr Madlala was among nine guests at Ms Khumalo’s home when the athlete was killed, he said.

He had travelled to the area on Meyiwa’s insistence, having grown up with the star in the Umlazi township in KwaZulu Natal, KZN.

‘He sent me money and invited me to visit.

‘I took a taxi from Durban and we were talking on the phone all the time.

‘We went to Kelly’s home in Spruitview and we had Sunday lunch.

‘I was shocked. All I saw was that my friend was bleeding. I can’t believe he is gone.’

South African forensic investigators walk outside the home of Khumalo as they scour the scene for clues. Today, a friend of the footballer who claims to have witnessed the event, spoke of his heartache

Family members of Kelly Khumalo, girlfriend of killed soccer player Senzo Meyiwa, mourn outside her home
It is understood the footballer, who had a baby with Ms Khumalo, planned to meet his wife at a party on the night of his death.

A source waiting at the party in Sunninghill, Rivonia, told MailOnline: ‘He called a few times to assure us he was coming.

‘Senzo was in contact with her (Mandisa Meyiwa). She told us he was on his way and we expected him, but then we heard Senzo wasn’t coming any more because he had been shot.

‘Mandisa is not coping at all. She is devastated.’

‘She is devastated. She was waiting for her husband to arrive at the party.

‘She never expected to get a call that he had been killed,’ a friend of the woman added.

Mandisa Meyiwa was too distraught to speak today, though neighbours of Miss Khumalo said they had seen her driving around in the deceased footballer’s car, an apparent sign of disrespect in the community.

‘This is unheard of. In our culture we don’t drive around in a dead person’s car before the burial and the cleansing,’ said a resident.

Earlier today Ms Khumalo was the target of internet trolls who branded her an ‘adulterous witch’ over her relationship with the married footballer.

Hours before her partner’s death the pop-star shared a photograph of them with her sister on Instagram.

Within minutes of news of his death, critics left vicious comments telling her to ‘go swim with the sharks’.

NganekaMama reportedly wrote in a post that has since been deleted: ‘@Kelly_Khumalo You see what messing in someone’s marriage does; you should be stoned you adulterous witch’.

Bayanda Bikitsha tweeted: ‘I feel sorry for #SenzoMeyiwa’s wife who had to deal with a cheating hubby & now his death, as for #KellyKhumalo [she] can go swim with the sharks.’

Hands OffBuyelekhaya said: ‘Whoever is investigating #Senzomeyiwa’s murder makaqale ngo [must start with] #KellyKhumalo or his wife. I smell a foot of a baboon…’

Police have offered no suggestion that his murder was in any way linked to the love triangle.

Meyiwa, who played for Orlando Pirates, was shot dead after one of the attackers pointed a gun at Miss Khumalo

Investigation: Khumalo, a South African pop star, was with the 27-year-old goalkeeper when intruders entered her house in Vosloorus, a town 20 miles south of Johannesburg and shot him dead
However, many Twitter users leapt to Khumalo’s defence.  Mlacash Wamampela tweeted: ‘Kelly Khumalo must be traumatised… why are people being so mean to her though, whatever happened to empathy?’

Thembelihle Cele added: ‘Shame on all of you talking smack about @Kelly_Khumalo. Regardless of what you think of her, she’s human, and she’s going through it!’

The tragedy occurred last night while Meyiwa was visiting Khumalo’s home.

‘Two guys entered the house and demanded cellphones, money and other valuables,’ provincial Community Safety official Sizakele Nkosi-Malubane told reporters at the scene. ‘Senzo tried to protect Kelly because one of the men had a gun pointed towards her.’

The day before his death Meyiwa captained his side as they advanced to the semi-finals of the South African League Cup, defeating Ajax Cape Town 4-1.

Meyiwa had an on-off relationship with pop star Kelly Khumalo since meeting at the Feather Awards in March last year. They since had a baby together.
The goalkeeper pictured with Wayne Rooney following a match between Manchester United and the Orlando Pirates in 2008

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