Dad too strict

I am a girl aged 15 and my father is just so strict on me. I have a curfew of 6pm while my friends’ parents let them come home at 8pm. I have to tell them where I will be going every weekend or every school holiday.

My mother works in South Africa and comes home when she gets some days off and my father criticises her for supposedly spoiling us. He is the person who believes I should always be reading books and for any birthday present I always rightfully guess that l get a novel. I want to be a normal girl. - Patronella

Dad too strict
Dear Patronella
You are a normal girl, you compare yourself with your friends and I don’t know what tells you that you are the one who is not normal. You father loves you, as well as your mother. The difference between the two is that your mother wants you to enjoy your life now while your father is more concerned about your future. They are both right, your father is just afraid of blaming himself for not being there for you if you grow up to be someone who is not educated.

It may seem as if your father does not trust you by giving you a curfew and telling you to let him know of your whereabouts always but he is trying to protect you. He does not want you hurt and you should understand him. The world is a dangerous place. He is trying to be there for you in the absence of your mother, try not to push him away.
Make him proud. The Zimbabwean

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