Words of wisdom by the Servant of God Prophet W. Magaya

If anything is taking more than you are receiving it is a liability. You must try by all means to live a simple life for the sake of saving. Whatever you are doing right now try to create something that will bring cash into your pockets. The problem with people today is that we are living for others you dress and drive for people. The mindset we have in Africa is a mind of spending. Some of us our stomachs and skincare products are spending so much for us to an extent of leaving us poor. The most important is to create a way that will bring some dollars into your account.
Words of wisdom by the Servant of God Prophet W. Magaya
If you have a million dollar house and it is bringing you $100 000 that means you are poor. The expense of maintaining it is more than what you get. It is not only by planning but it is about studying. Most of you have planned many things but they are lacking study. You need to create a business that can even operate whilst you are not there. Learn to understand your level before take some of the decisions you make.

The best business one can invest in real estate. All rich people today are risk takers. We have been taught to manage money but we do not have enough intelligence to use the money. The moment you are going to start to think of taking a risk is the time you will start to progress in life.

Try to find a way of taking money from people by satisfying them with what they want. There is always an opportunity next to you but the problem is you are not seeing it. As Africans we must come to an extent of adding value to our products. We must have knowledge of our raw materials and what it takes for them to become finished products such that we can earn more from them. Everything that spends much from you must be dropped for you to create better opportunities. Create something that will vehicle money into your life.

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