Why has Prophet Makandiwa shut the door on the media

QUESTION:- Hie admin, iam one person who had a lot of questions about Prophets and when i came across this page i just saw it as an answer, i am from a different church and i live in the UK. My 1st question is why has Prophet Makandiwa shut the door on the media,he has never been interviewed or anything. Why does he hide himself, its like he is not accessible?

ANSWER:- Thanks very much Mr Elliot for a good question.I wouldn't totally agree that Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has shut the door on the media because if you check with the media houses,they have always spoken to Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa through his spokesman called Pastor Prime Kufakunesu.

They have always received the answers they need on anything through the Pastor.If there is anyone else then who feels like the door is shut like you said,it might then become an issue of defining what accessibility means.Like i posted just after opening this page,i have really done some work trying to research and understand this man and i have learnt that the Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa we are talking about is a man of prayer my brother.

Why has Prophet Makandiwa shut the door on the media
He spends most of his time with God and when he comes out of that closet,he is usually loaded with precious spiritual parcels for all that believe he is a Prophet of God.Now due to these benefits,even i wouldn't want him to trade his time with God for anything because i know i gain more by leaving him alone with God than any other thing.

There are many others who have the time for the media,they dont have spokespersons because they are available and those who need interviews have not really exhausted them because they have new stories everyday.

Why then pester a man who spends more time with God and not concentrate on the readily available.

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