Dr Grace refuses to Greet Dr Mujuru YET again!

President Mugabe’s wife, First Lady Doctor Amai Grace Mugabe yesterday pulled yet another shocker in an off the hook, melodramatic manner when she snubbed Vice President Doctor Joice Mujuru and declined to clasp a hand she had offered in greeting, choosing instead to greet Simon Khaya Moyo who was standing next to Dr Mujuru.

Arguably the two most powerful women in ZANU-PF( one being Zim’s number two and the other being the spouse of Zim One, spice that up with the recently conferred doctorates) their cold war is just a time bomb threatening to implode any minute from now.

The First Lady who has since assumed the moniker Doctor Amai, is baying for Dr Mujuru’s blood accusing her,in thinly veiled attacks, of corruption, fanning factionalism, treason, abuse of office among a plethora of other vices. Dr Mujuru has so far remained tight lipped -at least officially-on the scandalous allegations.

The drama which has happened for the second time now took place at the Harare International Airport where Dr Mujuru and other senior government officials as is ritual had been waiting to welcome the President on his return trip from the Vatican where he had attended the beatification of Pope Paul VI.
Dr Grace refuses to Greet Dr Mujuru YET again!
The first time this happened was last Friday night when the President and his wife left for the aforementioned event. This time however all doubt has been removed that all is not well between the two academics!

Dr Amai, who was following behind the President, ignored VP Mujuru’s offer of a handshake and instead greeted Khaya Moyo, who was next to her and other officials. After greeting the other waiting officials, Amai Mugabe started chatting with Khaya Moyo, while President Mugabe conversed with VP Mujuru, after which he talked briefly with service chiefs.

Meanwhile an explosive Politburo meeting is slated for tomorrow in which Mujuru’s fate is likely to be decided, with some suspected vocal members of the Mnangagwa faction calling for Mujuru’s resignation. Party spokesperson Rugare Gumbo has since confirmed that the allegations raised by the First Lady were too serious and could not be ignored by the Politburo.

Dr Grace Does it again
According to scribes from the state owned rag, The Herald, the drama would have been more interesting had security details not blocked youths and activists aligned to the VP’s faction. The Mujuru faction in cahoots,apparently, with the Zanu-PF Harare provincial executive had hired five kombis to ferry activists and members of the Mbare Chimurenga Choir to demonstrate against Doctor Amai at the airport over her anti Mujuru rants. Zanu-PF Politburo member Tendai Savanhu, provincial chairman Amos Midzi and two other provincial executive members Christopher Chigumba and Noah Mangondo hired the kombis but eagle eyed CIO operatives thwarted the intended demonstration by stopping them from accessing the VIP enclosure.

The youths were wielding placards with messages like: “Tichapedzerana (we will sort you out)”, “Dirai Rese Gamatox (intensify the poison)”, “Pasi nemakuhwa (down with gossip)” and “NaJonso Tichapedzerana (We will deal with Jonso – colloquial for Prof Jonathan Moyo)”.Reached for a comment, Midzi was not picking up his phone yesterday, but Savanhu attempted to extricate himself from the thorny issue of demonstrating against Grace. “Do you think that is possible,” he said. “Would the country’s security just fold its arms and allow that to happen. Harare province organised a successful rally for the First Lady two weeks ago where she even united people. Why then would we want to demonstrate against her?”

Savanhu said Zanu-PF supporters were not able to meet President Mugabe after being advised that the Vatican visit was a private visit. He said the communication came late after people had already been told that they should go to the airport early in the morning.
“We know that there are some people who are pushing their agendas to try and tarnish our names,” he said. “We now no longer lose sleep over that. Tava kungotarisa zvedu tichiti nyorai zvenyu zvamunoda.”

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