Why did Prophet Makandiwa join AFM if he knew that he had his own vision?

QUESTION: Admin i hope I find you well.Why did Prophet Makandiwa join AFM if he knew that he had his own vision?

ANSWER:- Thank you very much Christopher Makuyana for a good question.The great Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa would be the best to answer you as always because he is the hub of wisdom,which means every move that he has made in his life was full of wisdom.Let me give you an answer from a son's view and sorry i might be too hard my brother but it's out of love but i want to rest this story because you are not the first person that has asked this question.I only picked yours because it's the most polite,some have been very insulting.

Now Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa did not intend to move out of AFM but it could have become an issue of new wine that had been poured into an old wine skin. Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa is a leader of a great revival and he carries an anointing that has never been experienced or witnessed in this age,he is not an easy man to lead for just any person.What he carries is an interdenominational level of anointing and not denominational.He is actually an answer to prayers himself.
Why did Prophet Makandiwa join AFM if he knew that he had his own vision?
Now being such a man and humbly putting himself under authority,he never knew that the system can fight him one day,I earlier posted and put it straight that his exit was not the making of any man but it's the system that adjusted itself to cater for that which it can contain whilst getting rid of heavier jewellery that needed more sophisticated and advanced systems that flow with revelation and speed which is relevant to the greater revelation hidden in the word of God.

If the system had accommodated him the same denomination would be enjoying the presence of the Moses of our time.A container can become too small for oil and it can crack and loose all the oil,can we then blame the oil?

Thank you

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