Daily bread: The bad side of internet and the spirit behind - Part 1

7 And war broke out in heaven: Michael and his angels fought with the dragon; and the dragon and his angels fought, 8 but they did not prevail, nor was a place found for them in heaven any longer.9 So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was cast to the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

Good morning God’s children!
Mangwanani vanhu vaMwari!
Hareruya vanhu vaMwari!
Kana urimwana wemuporofita ita Aamen inosvota satan!

From the above scriptures you can tell how the dragon or the devil or Satan was thrown down here on earth. I have mentioned many times what events transpired before he was hauled down to earth. One day soon I will talk about that subject in detail but today let us just mention that Satan was thrown down to earth with his angels.

To quickly get into my subject let me emphasise the fact that Satan had well established himself on earth soon after landing but before long his happiness was cut short when man was created [will also get deeper on that, one day soon]. The creation of man caused headaches to Satan soon after man was given dominion over earth including over the devil or Satan. That did not auger well with Satan, therefore he waged a war against mankind and that is the battle still existing today [more details on the battle will be given in future teachings]. The reason why I am touching on the edges of this subject is to enable me to put you into the picture of today’s teaching.

One of the methods used by the devil is to hijack the good ideas or knowledge inspired by God for the improvement of mankind’s lifestyle. The devil cannot create his own but imitates or hijacks an existing one then he manipulates it to confuse people thereby drag them into his kingdom. Today we are looking at internet as one of the areas hijacked by the devil to the extent that the greater percentage of its use is now for the dark kingdom.

Many students all over the world are having their November Examinations and some of them are using the internet in their preparations for such exams, which is a good thing.
Daily bread: The bad side of internet and the spirit behind – Part 1
I have often asked school going children from the well-up families in primary to secondary schools particularly in urban areas both in Zimbabwe and other countries across Africa that I have visited; The most common question I have asked these children is whether they have access to the internet and a majority have said, “Yes.” My next question as always been, “What do you use the internet for?” And more than 95% have confirmed that they use internet on social sites like Facebook while the teenagers and above have reluctantly confirmed that they use the internet to view obscene stuff which I will talk about in Part-2 or 3 some days to come.

When internet was born 15 years ago in 1999, the motive behind such a wonderful technology was a positive one that was meant to improve the lives of many and save time plus financial resources on numerous sectors of human lives. A lot of areas have improved in our daily lives and among them are e-commerce, e-learning and e-mail. For the sake of our subject we will not get into the academics of these areas but I simply mentioned them so that everyone will appreciate the good uses of internet so that when I talk about the bad side I will not be misquoted as saying the whole internet is bad. INTERNET IS GOOD! However, like I said above, before long the technology was hijacked by the devil and got manipulated for the benefit of the dark kingdom.

As we speak it has been noted that the internet usage is less than 50% and of that percentage, less than 5% is of good use, meaning the rest is junk or useless stuff. Our internet is highly under-utilised particularly in Africa.

Parents be advised:
This subject is too massive therefore no one has ever given an exhaustive account of the negative effects of internet. PARENTS AND TEACHERS I ADVISE YOU TO READ through this section carefully because we seem to have a serious social challenge as a result of the negative impact of internet. In addition, it would be my wish to have this subject passed on from one family, school, church, organisation or community to the next because you will not find this information anywhere even on the internet IT WILL NOT BE SUCH DETAILED. However we give all glory be to God.

Are you here somebody?

Your child has access to the internet in one way or the other, be it on the mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. You genuinely provided the internet to your family with the hope of making their academic lives easier in their research as well as save you from the extra cost of text books. Parents and teachers, in case you did not know, it is not a coincidence to call the internet our global village, for it is indeed a village where we know each other very well and with just one mouse click.

That means with access to the internet, your child has the global or world information in his hands. When I say global I really mean the whole world with all its subjects including the billions of topics that you as parents do not know. Teachers, particularly I.C.T teachers you have a great job to do in educating our school children in this area because our children could be exposed to a lot of risks some of them life threatening but in the name of academic research. In some countries I have been, the negative impact of internet is part of their educational curricular starting from Grade 5 upwards because that is the starting age-group usually targeted by the devil.

1. Cyber predators:
The fact that your child has access to Facebook means that he can make friends to anyone without your approval and in most cases you will never know. However the danger comes in when an internet or cyber predator crawls into the arena of your child. A predator is an animal that feeds on other animals. That is where the term cyber-predator was derived from. These are people who go on the internet in search of people for dubious or harmful purposes. Many of you do not use your actual photo as your profile picture and have you ever wondered that someone else can take advantage of that and commit crime?

Here is how they operate; He searches for emails or names depending on the platform he is operating from, with the intention of making friends but usually targeting the youth. He either sends your child an email asking to make friends or if it is a social site like Facebook, he sends a friend request. All his requests carry a profile picture of a young innocent looking girl below or in her early teens describing that he is in Europe, America or some other remote place outside Africa.

Your child will innocently accept the friendship request with the excitement that he or she has made friends with someone from abroad. Then somewhere along the lines he will offer gifts some of them expensive send by courier means such as DHL for example and that builds the relationship further. Before long, the predator will start talking about visiting the child from abroad or offer to pay for air-fares for your child to travel to ‘her’ country during the school holidays. Your child will prefer to travel to ‘her’ country (her = the predator) with the hope of travelling by air and going abroad maybe for the first time.

Usually the moment your child starts receiving gifts is when he or she will tell you as parents that she or he has got a friend from abroad such that when the invitation to visit comes, many parents tend to fall for the idea, thinking it is an honest one. This method is usually effective within the high school age-group when your child is eager to know what is out there particularly those no longer going to school and would want to get into the world and start their own lives. Remember teenage hood is the time to experiment and practically learn more of the world around us. Some of them come as scholarships while others come as free offers to stay with your child abroad while he or she is furthering his or her studies. Zvinonzi mwana wenyu ngaauye tinomufundisa mahara kusvika University. They say, “We long to stay with a child from Africa and our friendship with yours has proved that she is our best candidate.”

The same method is used to lure your teenager who has been in high school or college to come for some lucrative employment with hefty salaries. All the paper-work is done including Visas and other travelling documents with some of these predators paying for the passport application if she does not have one.

Are you here?

During these processes you and your child will be given various but STRICT reasons not to reveal to anyone so that the predator catches its prey without being traced. Trouble begins when your child reaches the destination airport. The true identity of the predator is revealed as soon as your child lands at the airport when he comes to pick your child. From that point onwards hell breaks loose. Your child is exposed to 100% danger with no one else protecting him or her. The passport is taken into the hands of the predator and what happens next is up to the plans of the predator. Some are sold to brothels for the purposes of prostitution regardless of being male or female, remember we have gays and lesbians.

As if that is not worse enough, some are killed for ritual purposes and in both cases you will NEVER hear from your child again. Sometime in 2010 we read on the internet, an article about 2 Kenyan girls who had made friends with someone in South America – Brazil and were invited for the holidays. The predator paid for their air fares but trouble began when they landed in Brazil. It is believed that one of them was killed for ritual purposes while the other one who narrated that story, was sold to a brothel and miraculously escaped.

Therefore parents are advised to check with the embassy of that country on how genuine that company or college is before you let your child take the offer. As for friendship visits, the best is to deny them completely. Only visit people you know their background to avoid exposing your child to such dangers.

The devil came to steal, kill and destroy [John.10:10]. Like I said, this is a very wide subject. Let us meet again in our Part-2 when we explore and expose the other dangers or negative impact of the internet. Have a blessed day!

To those having National and International Examinations this November I speak Academic Excellency - receive your A's and A*'s in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ!

Say, “My Lord Jesus Christ protect my child from the snares of this world!
Holy Spirit guide my child as he/she surfs through the internet!
Let my child focus on important matters of his/her academics and ignore any junk stuff!

Let my child use internet with wisdom!
Let there be light upon my child’s internet usage!
Let there be complete covering upon my child against negative forces of internet!

Let my child have the spirit of discerning good and bad stuff on the internet!
Thank you my Lord Jesus Christ for your total protection upon my family against any negative forces of the internet!
Thank you Jesus Christ for the covering of my children by your precious blood!

Thank you Jesus Christ for the Academic Excellence upon my children as they sit for their Examinations!

I glorify your presence my Lord God Almighty!
In the Mighty name of Jesus Christ I pray!

Glory be to God. Mbiri kunaJesu.

Let there be light – the light that exposes darkness.
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