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The robbers sweated profusely under cool temperatures

Mai Matambo a Kwekwe resident was amongst those that shared their testimonies today. She had travelled to Gweru when she parked by the roadside to eat food she had bought. Just as she was about to take a bite robbers jumped into her car and commanded her to open up her wallet to which she complied and there was US$800.00 in it. They demanded the money and her phone. She was in great shock but quickly remembered that she was wearing a wristband she had received as a gift from the Man of God Prophet W. Magaya on the 1st of August 2014 when she visited.

She silently called upon the God of Prophet W. Magaya to come to her rescue as she was rubbing and twisting that specific wristband. After her prayer one of the robbers asked her to open the windows because the temperature in her car was too high for him. That amazed her because the air conditioner was on and the temperature was rather quite cool. Both robbers were sweating profusely and eventually flung the doors open and fled leaving them open. 

The robbers sweated profusely under cool temperatures

They left the money and phone with her. She felt so relieved and walked out to close the back seat doors. At that time the robbers were shouting at her at a distance calling her a witch who wanted to kill them. Our God surely works in amazing ways, He is totally awesome in power.

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