The Negative impact of internet and the spirit behind Part: 2

Part-2: The Negative impact of internet and the spirit behind: Pornography and masturbation:

Scriptures: Isaiah.14:12 [NKJV]

“How you are fallen from heaven,
O Lucifer, son of the morning!
How you are cut down to the ground,
You who weakened the nations!

Please note that you need to read Daily bread: The bad side of internet and the spirit behind - Part 1 for you understand: The Negative impact of internet and the spirit behind Part: 2

Good morning God’s children!
Mangwanani vanhu vaMwari!
Hareruya vanhu vaMwari!
Kana urimwana wemuporofita ita Aamen inosvota satan!

Let me be quick to remind the readers of this page that internet is good, do not misquote me like what happened last time. But it has its bad side and that is the side we are exposing.

There is a very big challenge of masturbation and pornography over the internet (big problem hombe). Apa pane nyaya manje. Almost on a daily basis I receive emails of people seeking deliverance from masturbation that has gone on for 3 to 7 years. This problem normally affects teenagers right up to the late twenties. Those above this age group are the single or formerly married. Many people who masturbate confess that they have a guilty conscience after doing it while others feel drained of their strength coupled with low self-esteem among other after effects.

Are you here?

The youth is the age group most targeted by the devil because of their lack of knowledge, innocence and experimental character compounded by the changes taking place within their bodies. Therefore, it is an age group that requires extra attention and monitoring in terms of what their brains consume. The brains of the youths and children are like a sponge, if you deep it in dirty water it sucks in all the dirty water and the same applies with clean water. Just like their brains they take in everything they come across and further on try to experiment on the stored information. Most smokers, drunkards, drug addicts started during their teens. No wonder they need extra monitoring.

Spiritually, pornography and masturbation go hand in hand because they are influenced by related spirits from the marine kingdom. Many youths are hooked to these spirits through pornography and when they narrate their ordeals, their stories are almost similar. Many usually say, “I have told myself many times that it is high time I stop masturbation but I can confidently say that soon after masturbating. Some hours afterwards I always have the urge to do it again and promise myself it is going to be the last time but it has never been the last.” This is because masturbation is influenced by pornography, while pornography is influenced by marine spirits from the dark kingdom.

Part-2: The Negative impact of internet and the spirit behind
Anyone who masturbates has a spiritual wife or husband. Each time one indulges into this dirty act he or she is being intimate with a spiritual partner. Were you aware that every time you do it, something is being taken away from you? Fluids from your body are being taken away into the dark kingdom to cement the bond or covenant between you and the spiritual wife or husband. Once that bond is sealed, it becomes a battle to unleash yourself from it. That is why many will struggle to get married thereafter. A woman will struggle to get into a steady relationship, let alone get married. If she gets into marriage, it is full of sorrows including lack of affection, quarrels or heated arguments, barrenness, and/or finally divorce. As for the man, his relationships do not last and if he gets married, there is loss of affection, erectile dysfunction, infertility, heated arguments and eventually divorce. All these are compounded by the anti-marriage spirits or spiritual wives and husbands from the same house of the marine kingdom. No wonder one battles to stop but fails until delivered.

Am I speaking to somebody?

Pornography of a generation ago was a bit less serious because it was in the form of magazines, meaning still photos and it was less difficult to control because such magazines were not easy to smuggle into the country. However, with the advent of the internet, it has become a headache to control because there are several sites with free pornographic videos and your child can download or watch from his computer or phone in a few seconds while locked in his bed-room.

I have been to some countries where they have gone an extra mile in protecting their nation against this dirty act. In such countries, it is mandatory for every internet service provider to install a proxy server coupled with a fire-wall in order to filter such obscene content. When one tries to open such sites, it is blocked immediately. However, because of the cunning nature of the devil, the dark kingdom has inspired some I.T experts to develop applications that can allow such content to pass through the back door of the proxy-server. It is a possible effort but it requires lots of financial resources.

To the youth I say, stop watching pornography because it is the major influence of masturbation. Stop masturbation because it drains you down and destroys your natural affection when you become adults. It also weighs down your self-esteem and affects your mental capacity leading to poor academic performance. It opens doors to marine spirits, spiritual wives and spiritual husbands. These spirits will affect your future marriage as mentioned above. Keep yourself busy with productive work and your studies. Discipline yourself in the way you use the internet. If possible, disconnect yourself from the internet service and try to use a mobile phone that has no access to the internet until you are completely free from the urge. I always say that the role of the youth is to prepare or build their future through education. Attend church services regularly and participate during our Voice Anointing, read the Bible and do what the Bible says. Stay away from friends of bad influence and focus on your studies and career.

To parents I say, there is no need for your child to have such a powerful mobile phone. It is true that your child deserves the best but the best technology is not always safe for your child. If adults are struggling to exit from the mess compounded by the technology, what more your innocent child? Have time to check the contents or history of your child’s mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Reprimand him or her when you find evidence of such content. Take time to sit down with your teenagers and discuss on matters that affect the youth, your child might reveal bad traits he or she could be struggling to stop. Encourage your children to attend church services regularly, read the Bible as a family and encourage your children to open up to you so that they can share their challenges with you as parents before they cross the red line.

This is another long subject but I hope what I have said will help a child, teacher, Pastor, counselor, parent or guardian. However, I cannot close this section without mentioning that there are also some adults who watch videos with pornographic content. Surprisingly some of these adults are married couples. Be advised, you are creating a crack into your marriage and to the single adult, you are pushing your chances of getting married far from you. Stay clean of this dirty and dehumanising practice. Your body is God’s temple, keep it clean and add value to it every day by abstaining from such practices of the dark kingdom.

Finally, to those already in the yoke of masturbation and pornography, come to church for deliverance, your life can get worse if you do not act NOW! You need to be freed from such bondage. The blood of Jesus Christ must continue to cover your children and family.

Glory be to God. Mbiri kunaJesu.

“The blood of Jesus Christ continue to cover and protect me, my children and family!

You marine spirits stay away from influencing me and my children into the act of masturbation!
I command every spirit of masturbation OUT of my life, family and children!

I am crossing over together with my siblings, children and family during this month of Turn-around!
I am free! I am clean! My Jesus! Father! Abbah! Let there be light! I am covered by the blood of Jesus!”
Let there be light – the light that pushes away darkness
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