Aftermath of split: Macheso rebels tear into each other

In the aftermath of their nasty split, Extra Kwazvose members, more commonly known by the moniker, Macheso rebels are now throwing brickbats at each other.

Talented Dancer Slomo is now claiming that he is now in charge while chanter Jonas Kasamba says Slomo is a rogue element within the Rebels cause.

“We sat down with the other guys and agreed that we can’t let the ‘real rebels’ cause die. We will soldier on as the Original Extra Kwazvose,” he said.

Slomo says he is the brains behind Extra Kwazvose and justifying the take-over but Kasamba is of a different view.
“Franco joined us later and was not part of the real rebels. We came from Macheso (Alick) and him (Slomo) from Sulu (Chimbetu) hence we have different backgrounds. One person cannot derail the movement and we are not worried about this development,” said the chanter, adding, It should be known that we have no intentions of going back to Macheso.”
Aftermath of split :Macheso rebels tear into each other
Nyazanda said there was no way they could be led by Slomo.“I was happy with what we had achieved to date, unfortunately the road has come to an end because Franco now wants to do his own thing.

“He (Franco) wanted us to play under him, but Obert, Jonas and I agreed that we would not let that happen,” he said. “I think he got the idea from the fact that he composes most of the songs that we record.

“Honestly the move has pained me and I’m now waiting for something to come through. Any other option will be better than working under Slomo.”

But Slomo said ; “I’m now the leader of the Extra Kwazvose and already making plans for the future. The group has to adopt workable systems so that we progress. So far the other guys have indicated that they cannot work under me hence I have cleared the road for anyone who wants to leave.


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