She walked out of the toilet healed

Arriving at the premises of PHD Ministries means you have arrived at the arena of liberty and the core of mighty miracles. You do not necessarily need to be laid hands upon by the anointed man of God Prophet W. Magaya. Believing that “it is done” like what Prophet W. Magaya always say will definitely bring results upon your life and situation.

57 year old Winnie Dube is amongst those that shared their testimonies today. On the 5th of September 2013 she fell as she was dropping off a commuter omnibus and suffered a dislocation on her leg and back. She was taken to hospital where she was prescribed to use a lumbar corset and a crutch to aid her walking. The doctors had completely ruled her chances of healing due to her age and weight. She got to know about PHD Ministries through Yadah-TV and witnessed the mighty miracles God is writing through the hands of His Servant Prophet W. Magaya. These miracles are what led her to PHD Ministries in search of her own. Our God is faithful she received her healing in an amazing way, she was not laid hands upon like others nor did she partake in Voice Anointing and she did not even get a chance on the Holy Ground.

She walked out of the toilet healed
It was upon her arrival that she decided to visit the toilet and figured she had to use mobile toilets which were somehow elevated from the ground and would require some effort to get in. Oblivious to her leg and back problems, she got into one. When she was leaving the toilet that was she realised she had done something she could not do since last year. She had been restored of her health by the power of God in this place. She walked out of the toilet healed and had no need of a crutch nor the lumbar corset.

Our God is totally amazing and awesome in power. Her testimony did not just end there as she was leaving church one of the days she was involved in another accident. As she was about to enter the vehicle the driver drove off whilst she was still in transit dragging her leg for about 5 meters before bringing the car to a sudden halt. She was rushed to hospital with the assumption that she was hurt but when they got to hospital the nurses were shocked to note that she had no broken bones and neither was she hurt despite the gravity of the accident. She could only give glory to God Almighty who fought for her. She advised those in attendance to move around with anointed mantles and they will surely be protected from the snare of the fowler.

What a Mighty God we serve!

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