Broken neck healed through the anointed touch of Prophet W. Magaya

Tichaona Phiri was declared dead when he had a car accident on the 7th of March 2014 whilst he was travelling to Bindura. He had been placed amongst the other five people who had died on the spot. He woke up 500 metres away from the mortuary and was battling to move the dead bodies that were placed on top of him when the police officer they were with forced his hand down assuming he was making his last kicks. This led the police officer into calling the hospital informing them that one of the corpses was making the last kicks and he was instructed to take that body to the hospital instead of the mortuary.

Upon arrival they noticed that he was alive but had suffered various gross injuries. He broke his neck and back whilst his belly had to be stitched back together because it was ripped open in the accident. He was admitted in hospital until he recovered but still had to wear a neck collar for 9 months.

Broken neck healed through the anointed touch of Prophet W. Magaya
He decided to visit PHD Ministries in search of solution last week Wednesday the 15th of October and it was during the Service that he received his healing. As Prophet W. Magaya was walking past him he stopped, laid his anointed hands upon him and removed the neck collar and he was healed immediately. He came back to thank God Almighty for his life and healing for it is through His power that he was healed.

To God be the glory.

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