Questions to do with tithes and offerings

QUESTION:  I hope i find you well in Jesus name Amen. I have a question man of God,  I was recently employed thanks to the grace and prosperity of our father Prophet Makandiwa and was posted to an area here in Zimbabwe where our ministry is not. I joined a local church there but the pastor presiding is trying to live. I pay my tithe and seeds through our ecocash system and my sunday offering here. so 1) handina kuita hupombwe here hwekuchinja chinja ma church 2) would my prosperity be hindered by the local pastor because of his status?

ANSWER:- Thanks very much for a very good question brethren.We thank the God of Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa for his grace that got you a job.My answer might not be the best but let me advise in the best way I can.

There is one thing that you must not do and thats to look down on Men of God.Every Man of God has stages that he passes through in life.It can be a time that the Lord is teaching them something so that we benefit through their experiences.God sharpens a Man of God in ways that are relevant to their calling and this process stretch into the time they are active in ministry.

So we must not conclude that a certain Man of God is "trying to live" and its not exactly wise to say such words about a Man that has been called by God.
Questions to do with tithes and offerin

There are words that can invite curses into our lives and we do that at times unknowingly.When God shows you a situation in a Pastor's life,it can be for you to do something about it,and not to really go around exposing him.I can promise you that your presence there might never yield and positive results because of the way you see the Man of God who is supposed to be your Pastor.You must make a judgement of the information that he is giving you and reserve your comment to his status.

Anyway,its a good thing that you are attending church nommater UFIC is not in that place because Jesus is way bigger the UFIC.You did not do any prostitution by changing churches but one of them remains your teacher whilst the other remains remains your somethings else that you must not really consider.The blessing will manifest though the fact that your are following the biblical principles that draw you closer to it through Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa.

Whats important is to have information thats not conflicting,have one source of information and that way you will have less problems.
UFIC is a totally different church which you cant compare to any other and the level of revelation that we have at UFIC makes it very hard for any of its member to understand what other churches are preaching,its way too advanced.
This happens when you have really given yourself time to watch the dvds of Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa preaching.Iam not too sure how far you have gone in listening to the Prophet's dvds or how long you have been a member of UFIC but the Holy Spirit will guide you to the proper church to fellowship in that situation where your original place of worshiping is absent.

Other beretheren may help me answer you.

Thank you

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