Part-3: The bad side of internet and the spirit behind - Images and Satanism

Revelations.12:7-9 [NKJV]
7 And war broke out in heaven: Michael and his angels fought with the dragon; and the dragon and his angels fought, 8 but they did not prevail, nor was a place found for them in heaven any longer.9 So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was cast to the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

Let me be quick to remind the readers of this page that internet is good, do not misquote me like what happened last time. But it has its bad side and that is the side we are exposing.

Good morning God’s children!
Mangwanani vanhu vaMwari!
Hareruya vanhu vaMwari!
Kana urimwana wemuporofita ita Aamen inosvota satan!

Be blessed all those who read through Part-1&2 of this subject. If you did not, I advise you to do so in order to have a complete understanding of this subject. Remember, you will not find this subject explained better than the way it is anywhere else even on the internet but do not praise me, however, we give all glory to God. We received over 60 000 comments on this subject and over 45 000 (3/4) acknowledged their ignorance on the matter and they really appreciated the knowledge. They gained a lot. To God be the glory.

When a pedestrian is about to cross the road he or she first turns right, then left and finally right side again and when the road is clear of traffic he or she crosses the road. These are traffic safety rules observed by any pedestrian regardless of whether you are born again or not. It has to be done whether you are delivered from spiritual bondage or not. I am mentioning this because some of the readers of Part-1&2 were of the notion that when one has Jesus Christ you do not need knowledge therefore according to them one does not need to worry about any dangers such as the ones I mentioned in Part-1 & 2. My remarks for such people is that they badly need knowledge and the basic one is to know that they need knowledge.

In today’s teaching we are moving further by shedding more light as we expose the devil’s tricks used against God’s children.

Part-3: The bad side of internet and the spirit behind - Images and Satanism
Images and Satanism

A few weeks ago we talked about mantles and how they are also used in the dark kingdom. I remember saying that mantles used by God’s children are anointed while those from the dark kingdom are cursed. Everything coming from the dark kingdom is an imitation of the proper thing but it is manipulated to operate in the opposite of its intended purpose. Just like what I said in Part-1 of this subject, the devil does not come up with his own new ideas but he copies, then alters them to operate in the reverse.

Are you here?

Modern mantles like posters, calendars, scarfs and stickers have words printed in addition to images of the man of God for that organisation. Have you ever wondered how the image or words on a mantle have effect to the dark kingdom? How do these images and text on mantles repel evil spirits? Why or how is it that photos of men of God have been sent over the phone and miracles took place after receiving the photo? The answer is that they have been anointed by the power of the Holy Spirit such that whoever looks at them or touch them with faith and belief will meet deliverance in one way or the other. At times you do not even need to have faith for the anointing to have a positive effect on you or upon your life. A good examples are children who do not even understand what faith is but they can be delivered or be healed through the use anointed mantles. Another example is that of a critically ill person just like the dead rising back to life we do not expect them to have any element of faith but the anointing of Jesus Christ still takes effect.

Also note, it is not about the physical medium (mantle) that matters but it is the voice behind the mantle. Meaning that any medium can be used as a mantle, no wonder we have had people manifesting or being healed and delivered after sitting on an ordinary plastic chair.

The same happens with mantles of the dark kingdom although in the reverse. Remember you need faith and grace to receive anointing through a mantle but you do not need faith for the curse of the devil to take effect on you. The devil’s curse is forced upon you, it does not require faith. A mere look at a cursed image can have a serious effect if you are not under the covering of the Holy Spirit and the blood of Jesus Christ. Many people have received images on their phones or emails through ‘Whats-app’ or Facebook or some other platforms and immediately after looking at the images, they have been initiated. Strange events started happening in their lives while others were drawn deeper into the satanic world.

To many it started with simple images, not knowing the consequences behind them only to realise when they are far beyond the point of no return. Another point to note is that about 10% of Satanists and agents of the devil are former Christians who innocently got initiated during the process of research on Satanism. You need to be prayerful and be certain of the God you worship before you start to Google on the subject of Satanism. Yes, children of God you are under the covering of the blood of Jesus, you need not be afraid but the purpose of this teaching is to alert you on what to do to avoid or minimise the risks of being initiated.

There is power in images not because of the image itself but the cursing power bestowed upon that devil’s image. No wonder when we discussed on the issue of mantles I said be careful of some of the clothes that have images which you do not understand. My advice to you is that, do not open emails from untrusted sources. You must desist from receiving strange images from friends and relatives. Make it clear to them that you do not entertain such stuff so that next time they do not send you images of that nature.

Many people have been initiated through images they received over the internet, be it email, Facebook or ‘Whats-app’ or any social networking site from ‘friends’ they met on the internet. Again let me remind the negative minded that I am not saying these social sites or applications are bad. Many are crying for deliverance today due to the mess they are into because of a mere image they received electronically. The devil came to kill, steal and destroy [John.10:10] and the stealing process works together with deception. You are deceived to believe everything is normal only to realise when you are in irreversible mess that require deliverance through an anointed man of God. The problem you are facing today could be a result of an image or a few lines of text from a strange source.

Some of you have been ‘married’ to marine and anti-marriage spirits through printed words or images. With others, it began with these images and text until an actual voice started having dialogue with them, while others went further to meet the actual person physically after being initiated. A good example was one member of PHD Ministries who had a relationship with a Satanist called Venus of the marine kingdom. Venus almost wreaked the man’s marriage and even attempted to kill the man’s wife. We have hundreds of people in our ministry who came for deliverance after having been initiated into the dark kingdom through the internet.

Do I have somebody here?

Parents, do you know what your child watches on his or her mobile phone? Are you aware of what your child downloads on his or her smart phone, I-pad, tablet, laptop or desktop over the internet? Point of correction, an I-pad is a tablet from Apple computers but the generic term is tablet, meaning all I-pads are tablets but not all tablets are I-pads.

Above all, gain wisdom through the word of God. The bible says, my people perish due to lack of knowledge. The knowledge comes from the word of God, or comes by hearing the word of God. Remain connected and stay safe in Jesus name. Do not be selfish with good and constructive knowledge, pass it to others, prevention is better than cure.

Finally, to those already in the yoke of Satanism, come to church for DELIVERANCE, your life can get worse if you do not act NOW! You need to be freed from such bondage.

Glory be to God. Mbiri kunaJesu.

Shout, “I am wise! I am connected! I am free! I am covered by the blood of Jesus! My Jesus! Father! Abbah! Let there be light!
I am crossing over during this month of Turn-around!”

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