Passion for music

It takes a strong and passionate person to enter the music inddustry as without passion, it's easy to give up.

For someone who’s not in the industry, it’s difficult to understand why the artists keep on producing work when it seems they are running at a loss and the public is benefiting from their art more than they are.

The advent of technology came as a disadvantage for the artists as it enabled piracy and the pirates are benefiting more than the artist is benefiting.

One then wonders why the artists keep on composing and releasing more when they are at a loss. It is all about passion.

For one who really has passion for music, it is difficult to just let go of the music business and venture into something else. It doesn’t work like that.

Musicians like Oliver Mtukudzi, Leonard Zhakata, Simon Chimbetu, to mention but a few, made a mark in the 90’s where they benefited from their art. These artists made money from their record sales and invested in it. This is a lot different from today’s music whereby an artist is reluctant to release an album because most of the time the album is out in the streets before the artist releases it as was the case of Oliver Mtukudzi’s ‘Rudaviro’ album.
Passion for music
Most artists, especially the urban groovers upload their music on the internet before releasing it on radio so that people download for free. They have argued that it is better to make the music available for all so that people download rather than to buy pirated music, hence the pirate is left at a disadvantage.
Artists also put their music one the internet for publicity. When people listen to the music online, it is easier to lure them to the live shows where they get most of their revenue. Most artists now survive on live shows and without that there is no way they can survive unless they have another business outside music.
One can also say that the music industry needs one who’s not basically aimed at making profit, but one who remains in the industry for the love of it.

Tracing the urban groove history, there were a number of determined artists and many different groups who dominated the industry and their popularity was aided by the 100% local content. This gave the artists the platform to showcase their talents.
As the years went by, most of the artists backed away and the most passionate remained. They are still there, hanging in and hoping for a better tomorrow. Everyone hopes for an effective way to counter piracy.

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