Nurturing talent

Talent is something that is inborn, something within you and nomatter how much you try to ignore it and venture into something else, it just won’t work.

Some are born leaders, they get into politics, some with the zeal to help, they become doctors and teachers. Some are born musicians which has not been fully accepted by most families.When a child is born, every parent hopes that their child will be a doctor, lawyer, engineer or pilot at most but one has to think what the world would be like if everyone was a doctor, engineer, pilot or lawyer. Who would then teach, maintain peace and order, clean the city and above all entertain? 

Music helps us in our day to day lives, helping us relax and keeping us entertained. The most important thing to note is that for there to be music, there has to bee a musician, and the musician comes from nowhere other than our society.There has been a lot of misconception about musicians as people believe that people become musicians because they would have failed in school and they resort to music.
Nurturing talent
Most artists have actually made it in school but because their passion is music and they are talented, they feel it is right to take music as a proffession. Most of them actually have degrees and some are working towards attaining degrees, for example Pastor Charamba in 2011 received a National Certificate in Music from the Zimbabwe College of Music and in 2013, he graduated with a bachelor's degree in Ethnomusicology from Africa University. Parents of some musicians, especially upcoming artists, have not been very supportive of their children who would have ventured into music. They feel the children are throwing away their talent (which would be what the parents had wanted them to be) when actually they would have followed their hearts.Many musicians have given their encounters on how their parents at first did not support the idea but as music proved to be fruitful as time passed, they were supportive. It is not always easy to venture into something without your parents’ full support as this has its own disadvantage.Parents should help their children nurture their talent and not deprive them or talk them out of it.

It is not easy working as a doctor when you don’t have the passion for it, patients might die because there’s no passion for it. Fungisai Zvakavapano Mashavave once said, “My worst job was being a marketing manager at one financial institution. I’m an artist and sitting behind a desk all day, only going out for lunch between 1-2PM was a pain. You will not understand how hard it is to do something you are not passionate about until you actually find yourself in that situation.”

It is much easier when the musicians know that their parents have their back as when it becomes hard in the industry, the parents do not tell them, “I told you it won’t work out,” but rather, they will encourage them and help them succeed.The dancehall chanter, Tocky Vybz hasn’t had an easy road and he says it was quite difficult for him to get support from his parents. It was later on that his parents got to accept him and that was a relief and since then music has been a source of comfort of his life.It’s high time people realised that music is a proffession which should not be looked down at and it is not inferior to any other proffession.

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