'SMOOTH' model Bria Myles displays new look, movies on horizon?

African American model Bria Myles has achieved fame as a 'thick' model with her many appearances on the cover and in the pages of men's magazines such as SMOOTH and Black Men's Magazine. Her body is loved by many men and women and she has appeared prominently in the music videos of superstar r&b and hip entertainers Kanye West and Drake. She is so popular that many of the most popular dance clubs in the United States that play r&b and hip-hop music will have her host or appear at their clubs because they know that she is such a draw that is almost a guarantee that men will find their way to those venues.

'SMOOTH' model Bria Myles displays new look, movies on horizon?
The physical appearance of Bria Myles, in particular her curvaceous body, is thus considered a major aspect of her popularity and as such when the mega-popular model/actress recently uploaded a 'new' picture of herself looking considerably 'fitter' in her face and body it created a considerable amount of reaction with her fans and earned the attention of many entertainment insiders.

The reaction of most of her fans has been overwhelmingly positive and has entertainment insiders thinking that there might be some truth to the rumours that film producers are interested in her for some upcoming projects and in response she decided to become very fit. She still possesses her attractive muscular legs but everything about her her body is a little slimmer, more toned.

Bria Myles, a model renowned for her curves has a new look as she is fitter but yet still curvaceous and as a result has fans and entertainment insiders excited about how she is preparing to expand her career.
Bria Myles wearing white lingerie

Fans of this beautiful model should get ready for a pleasant surprise because Bria Myles' new look suggests that she is about to join the entertainment world on the big screen as an actress/model.
Bria Myles in video - human female perfection.

Bria Myles wearing black lingerie

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