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Chitungwiza woman fatally knifes hubby for cheating

At the height of a suspected fidelity altercation, a Chitungwiza woman fatally knifed her 33 year old husband in the abdomen on Thursday night. The deceased, Darlington Feleti from house number 15634 in Unit P had a heated argument with his wife, Florence Charehwa, on the fateful day.

According to reports from the deceased’s fellow tenants and relatives, Charehwa and Feleti’s marriage had been rocked by disputes, infidelity allegations and mistrust.

On the fateful day Feleti, who worked as a teacher at Joseph Mabamba’s College, woke up in the morning and left for work.

“The issue started in the afternoon at around 3pm when they were having quarrels. Charehwa called another woman whom she accused of being a prostitute, challenging if she could compete with her,” said Memory Munamati a fellow tenant.

Munamati said Feleti was talking humbly with a low tone when he went out. “I never saw him then and he returned at around 8pm, turning on the radio and increasing the volume.
Chitungwiza woman fatally knifes hubby for cheating
“Charehwa asked him to lower the volume claiming that he was making a lot of noise and that is when they started fighting,” she said.

She said Charehwa started screaming, claiming that Feleti was choking her.

“Charehwa was accusing her husband of being unemployed and that he was using her to fend for their three-year-old daughter. When they were still quarrelling I asked Justice Mutsikambesa, a tenant, to talk to Feleti since they were friends,” said Munamati

A few minutes later, Munamati said Feleti fell to the ground after being stabbed.

Feleti’s neighbour, a former police constable, Mr Harriet Nyaude, was called to the scene.

Said Nyaude; “I was called to attend to the scene and found Feleti lying on the ground on his back. I tried to conduct first aid but it was too late. I rushed to the police station to report the matter when the late’s wife bolted out with the knife in her hand,” she said.

She said Charehwa was arrested at around 10pm after she came back home with a pastor from her church to surrender herself.

Feleti’s relatives had no kind words for Charehwa whom they accused of ill-treating their relative.

Feleti’s body was taken to a Chitungwiza mortuary while Charehwa is in police custody.

Source: Herald

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