Man loses eye after being beaten by Police Officers for raping and infecting daughter with HIV

A despicable 52-year-old Umguza man who allegedly raped his 17- year-old daughter and infected her with HIV has been hospitalised after he lost his right eye following an assault by police officers that left him unconscious while in police custody.

The man who cannot be named for legal reasons, failed to appear in court on Friday as he is now admitted to Richard Morris Hospital after he was allegedly severely assaulted by cops.

The rape suspect, who is divorced from his daughter’s mother and is alleged to have been on ARV treatment for some time, is said to have raped the girl several times from January 2012 to early this month.

Speaking during a make-shift court session at the hospital on Friday, the man told West Commonage magistrate Sheunesu Matova that police officers assaulted him until he lost consciousness.

He did not give a reason for the alleged beating.

“I was assaulted by police and they damaged my right eye. The blows were directed to my right eye and though I can’t remember the name of the police officer who assaulted me till I lost consciousness, these police officers who are present know them,” he said.
Man loses eye after being beaten by Police Officers for raping and infecting daughter with HIV
Magistrate Matova ordered the state, led by Mufaro Mageza to investigate the assault allegations and inform the court about the findings.

The man was remanded in custody to October 23.The state alleges that in January 2012, at around 12PM, the man assigned her daughter to sweep her brother’s room. He immediately followed her and forcibly placed her on the bed.

The man undressed his daughter and allegedly raped her once without using protection. He then threatened her against telling anyone about the rape.

Sometime in January 2013 at midnight, the girl was sleeping with her brother on the floor while her father was sleeping on the bed in the same room.

The man then woke his daughter and ordered her to come and join him on the bed. The girl complied. He undressed her and allegedly had sexual intercourse with her once without protection.

The man allegedly continued to have unprotected sexual intercourse with his daughter on several occasions until October 2 this year when the girl fled to her mother’s home in Mpopoma suburb.

She narrated the sexual abuse to her mother who accompanied her to Pumula Police Station where a report was made.

The girl was referred to Mpilo Central Hospital for medical attention and a medical report was written.

The man knew he was on antiretroviral medication for a long time and he deliberately had unprotected sex with his daughter to infect her with HIV.

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