Gokwe woman forced to have sex with hubby’s corpse

Nemangwe community was this weekend left shell shocked, and with a lot of anxiety, after a woman in their neighbourhood was forced to make love to her dead husband (necrophilia) before burial.

The woman, identified as Sarah Simirayi, of Svisvi village under chief Nemangwe, left her husband for a heavy truck driver sometime two years ago, and returned when her boyfriend ditched her for another new lover.

Sarah who had been away for several years, returned only to find her 68 year old husband stressed from her departure, and died a few weeks of her return. The Thorngrove Hospital where Masamo was hospitalised before he was discharged to Gokwe before his death.

The late husband Nunurayi Musamo, also a former soldier in the Rhodesian army, left a note that he wanted read at his funeral, and that letter contained a message that he died of missing his beloved wife and also that he would need to make love to her before burial.
The shocking message was delivered to Sarah who tried to resist, but later accepted the most difficult task.
Gokwe woman forced to have sex with hubby’s corpse
Gokwe woman forced to have sex with hubby’s corpse
A cousin relation says after they opened the coffin, Sarah removed her underwear, before going on top of the corpse to insert the late husband’s flesh in the view of the late husband’s two sisters, who were ululating, as a gesture of appeasing the spirit of the late Musamo. They further claimed that the man’s flesh was erect. US scientists have in recent years concluded on what they have termed a death erection (also named “angel lust”) which is a postmortem erection happening when the man dies vertically or face-down and the corpse remains so.

Reporters visited the Svisvi village head and he admitted receiving that information, but opted to down play it. “This is a purely private issue that traditional leaders cannot dabble into. People have their own cultures and values and that must be respected,” he said before ordering this journalist not to take any photos of him if he wanted to come back for more stories next time.

Chief Nemangwe, was also not available for comment by the time of going to press, as he was said to be busy with farming inputs, for the coming farming season.

Source: ZimEye

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