Macheso rebels, Extra Kwazvose rebels again

Sungura Outfit Extra Kwazvose commonly known as Macheso rebels, given how the members deserted the Sungura Maestro to form their outfit has disbanded. The group was formed hastily by key members from Alick Macheso’s Extra Mberikwazvo in protest against poor pay and working conditions.

Prolific dancer and vocalist Francis ‘Slomo’ Daka is believed to be taking most of the band members amid revelations of the continuous operational clashes. Despite being the one breaking away, Slomo is claiming rights to the name Extra Kwazvose.

The group would have slit two weeks ago but was being held together by pre-paid shows and upon wrapping up those gigs last Sunday, the group disbanded.

Slomo left with most of the band members with rising lead guitarist Tito going with him. Tit has been perfecting his skills with Ochestra Mberikwazvo fronted by Alick Macheso. Franco is understood to have left with Tito who plays the lead guitar, bass guitarist Jonso and Withs on the rhythm guitar.

Macheso rebels, Extra Kwazvose rebels again
Former Co-Directors,Obert Gomba, Jonasi Kasamba and lead guitarist Noel Nyazanda make up the other group.

Slomo said he had seen it a prudent to follow a careeras band leader as they were always having problems in decision making as there were four director in the group.” When I left Sulu(Chimbetu) I made it a point that I was weaning myself fromother bands to form my own. That is my dream. I want to have my own band and not where there are so many managers,” said Slomo

Extra Kwazvose had four co-directors who included Franco, Jonas, Noel and Obert while they also had two managers in Joseph Kupara and Darlington Chipanera. ” I am ready toroll and with me there is Tito who plays the lead guitar, Jonso on bass and WIts who plays the rhythm guitar. Some o the dancers are also with me,” said Slomo

He is already looking for his own shows.

Slomo said Extra Kwazvose was his brainchild and he had coined that name so he was retaining the name. HE added that the original Extra Kwazvose will meet to share the instruments.

Meanwhile Jonasi Kasamba said he was not aware that the band had disbanded. “Everyone is there. We now even have Nasho on bass guitar,” said Jonasi.

Noel said he was still in the dark. ” I know nothing on what you are talking about. Let me hear from varungu(co-directors) so that I know the position,’ he said.

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