Forget Morgan Tsvangirai, Enter Joyce Mujuru as Zanu-PF heads for split

ZANU PF is allegedly heading for a split which is bound to introduce a new political heavy weight led by non other than current Vice President Dr Joyce Mujuru.

Information leaking from very reliable sources within the ruling party suggest that the Joyce Mujuru led faction which is likely to be sidelined in the party's upcoming December elective congress will leave the party to form a new political party.

The sources indicate that plans are at a very advanced stage for the setting up of the new party. The sources claim that speculation of the formation of the new party made it inevitable for ZANU PF to unleash First Lady Grace Mugabe on a two week tour of the provinces to feel the waters and discredit people suspected or expected to lead the new party.

According to the sources, the party is going to be tying knots with the Dumiso Dabengwa led ZAPU which has been gaining a lot of sympathy amongst most former PF ZAPU leaders, members and ZIPRA ex combatants.
Forget Morgan Tsvangirai, Enter Joyce Mujuru as Zanu-PF heads for split
Forget Morgan Tsvangirai, Enter Joyce Mujuru as Zanu-PF heads for split
Information claims that Matabelaland based ZIPRA ex combatants deliberately recommended Dr Dumiso Dabengwa's name for ZANU PF Vice Presidency to steer the direction of the splinter party to recognise the power of the PF ZAPU intelligence guru in the days of the liberation struggle.

The sources giving the information to Bulawayo24 News claim that the new party will be going into negotiations with the MDC splinter groupings of Professor Welshman Ncube and Tendai Biti to make up a single united force to contest ZANU PF and the Morgan Tsvangirai MDC T as soon as it comes into shape.

"This is finally the solution to Zimbabwe's problems. People have always known that ZANU PF will be destroyed by what will come from it and certainly Mai Mujuru and Dabengwa are going to lead us to the new democratic country," said the source.

"Tsvangirai and Mugabe have continuously failed us as a country and now this is the time that we come up with a new direction of people committed to a new order in the country and you can see the combination of Mujuru, Dabengwa, Ncube and Biti clearly as a solution to the problems of the country," added the source.

First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe has been on a nation wide tour of the country making statements which analysts have directly linked to discredited Vice President Joyce Mujuru.

In the whole two weeks that the first lady has been going around the country, Mujuru has not commented nor attended any of the rallies that the First Lady addressed increasing speculation of bad blood between the two.

The Mujuru faction in the ZANU PF squabbles is believed to be having a backing of the entire Matabeleland Provinces, the Midlands, Mashonaland Central and Manicaland which makes it a very strong force to contest with if ZANU PF hopes to survive.

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