Women use female condom to black facial spots

FEMALE condom distributors have lately indicated that uptake for the product has gone up but it appears the demand spike may also be down to its new use as a cosmetic aid.

Condoms are used during sexual intercourse to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections and also as a barrier contraceptive against unwanted pregnancies.

But uptake of the female version has been disappointing worldwide in a development blamed on the fact that they tend to be more costly than male condoms while some say the ‘rustling’ sound they cause during intercourse puts off potential users.
But the Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council (ZNFPC) said the distribution of female condoms rose sharply last year.

A new type recently introduced on the local market called Care Female Condom which is said to be soft, smoother and odourless, giving sex a natural sensation, is particularly in demand.

But hairdressers interviewed by NewZimbabwe.com said the demand was also down to the fact that some women were using the product to enhance their beauty.

Women interviewed in Harare salons said they clean their faces with the condom before going to bed, claiming that this helps to clear black spots.
Women use female condom to black facial spots
“My friend told me about it after I asked her what she used since the black spots on her face had disappeared and she told me that she wipes her face with the Care female condom before she goes to sleep,” said a woman who only wanted to be identified as Busi.
She however, added that she has been using the treatment for several days now but was still to see any positive impact.

At one busy salon at Julius Nyerere Parkade, NewZimbabwe.com was told that the female condom, which is being distributed by hair dressers, disappears as soon as consignments arrive.

“At first I thought that women have finally accepted the new female condom only to be told that most use it to clear black spots on their faces but I am not sure whether this works or not,” said one barber.
But one hair dresser claimed that her facial looks had changed since she started using the product to as a cosmetic aid.

“I just got a tip from my friend. Since then, I have been cleaning my face before I sleep and the black spots have disappeared. You should have seen my face some months ago, yanga isingaite,” said Ruvimbo.

Population Services International (PSI) is using hair dressers and barbers to distribute the Care female condom which costs 20c for a packet of two while Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council distributes it for free. 

Information from the two organisations shows that over 4.8 million female condoms are distributed annually in Zimbabwe through hospitals and clinics compared to 28 million male condoms.

But commenting on the Care condom’s cosmetic potential, PSI communications officer, Paida Magaya, said this was a misconception and urged women to only use condoms for their intended purposes.

“The female condom has been designed for protection against sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancies. There is no known research done that extends the use of the condom, save for the ones mentioned,” she said.

PSI director marketing Kumbirai Chatora added: “The new care is soft, easy to use, does not make noise and is made from a very thin but strong material which warms up to the woman’s’ body giving sex a natural sensation.

“It is designed to increase sexual pleasure and it gives the woman control and puts her in charge of her health and increases satisfaction in the relationship because partners need not to worry about HIV, STIs and unintended pregnancies.”

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