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A man's 30cm Annaconda that baffles Doctors, Prophets and N’angas!

A man from Bulawayo’s Njube E Square developed a organ which measured up to 30 centimetres, reportedly after separating with his live-in girlfriend.

Scared that it could grow longer, he has since consulted a prophet to “heal” him. His 30 cm manhood is four centimeters shy off the world record. But still he can get a starring role in adult entertainment movies.

While a big size means bragging rights, for Kholisani Ncube it has been a life of pain and humiliation for almost a year.

“I was deeply in love with my former lover whom I had promised to marry. However, a dispute arose and we parted ways bitterly. I believe that did not go down well with her. In October last year my manhood became very itchy and as a solution I scratched it. It became swollen and enlarged bit by bit. After five days it had elongated to 20 centimeters. Children would poke fun at me after seeing my long p*nis dangling in my trousers,” said Ncube.

Although prior to the growth Ncube had never measured his manhood’s size, he had no choice but to check where it stands now.

Ncube said his brother Manuel took him to hospital but doctors could not diagnose the problem.
A man's 30cm Annaconda that baffles Doctors, Prophets and N’angas!
“I spent two months in hospital as doctors made frantic efforts but they did not detect the problem and only said it’s a manhood disorder.”

He said he consulted a lot of prophets and Sangomas but to no avail.

“I have consulted a number of prophets and sangomas over the issue but all of them failed to find a solution to my problem.

“I even went to Chipinge and Binga but my manhood didn’t heal. Although I had lost hope my aunt took me to Prophet Mpofu who told me that I must have faith in God and then I would be healed,” said Ncube.

Ncube heaped praise to the man of cloth whom he said is like Messiah to him.

“He prayed for me for two consecutive weeks after then my manhood started to heal and now I can go to the toilet with ease. I would like to thank him for his miraculous healing powers.”

Ncube said when he has fully healed he would marry and his predicament was confirmed by a family member who accompanied him to the prophet.

“One day I will marry and have a good life,” he said.

All the same his new size could be his ticket to somewhere.

Prophet Mpofu confirmed that he was assisting Ncube have his manhood return to normal size.
Source: B-Metro

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