Trending News Lil' Kim Dishes On Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, Biggie, K. Michelle, Motherhood, 'Hardcore 2K14' Mixtape, And More In Breakfast Club Interview [WATCH]

In support of her new Hardcore 2K14 mixtape, which dropped earlier this month, Lil' Kim stopped by Power 105's Breakfast Club where she dished on K. Michelle, motherhood, Biggie Smalls, ghostwriting, Iggy Azalea, and more. Here's what we learned:

On motherhood:
"I think I'm doing a good job. I mean I'm trying to be the best mom I can be. That's all I can do. It definitely has changed me. I'm more shrewed, which means it helps me get to the money really really fast."

On why she didn't go back to reality TV after BET's Countdown to Lockdown:
"Reality shows are tricky. They edit you the way they feel the show is going to obtain more viewers. It's not reall,y per se, who you are sometimes. When I came home from jail, I was in a whole different space. I feel like if I came home from prison and didn't learn anything, then what was the purpose. But when I came home from prison they kind of wanted me to adapt the same attitude that I had before I went to prison, and I didn't think my fans would want to see that."
  Trending News     Lil' Kim Dishes On Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, Biggie, K. Michelle, Motherhood, 'Hardcore 2K14' Mixtape, And More In Breakfast Club Interview [WATCH]
On Biggie ghostwriting for her:
"It used to take me so long to put out albums because I wanted to do everything myself. So I would definitely get help if someone had a hook or something. Why not? It's all for the better, especially if I like something. I'm just that way. If you're with the king, the a genius, the biggest rapper at the time, why wouldn't you get assistance from the best man to ever do it?"

On the 20th anniversary of Biggie's Ready To Die:

"It means a lot. Even to this day, you can still play those songs like they're brand new songs. It was like the first CD to change hip-hop."

On having an abortion when she became pregnant with Biggie's child:

"Yeah I definitely was [pregnant with Biggie's child]. I don't know if I have regrets about not keeping it. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Then I think what would've happened with my career. I just don't know."

On K. Michelle's comments about being Kim's daughter's godmother:

"First of all, why would I ever make her my child's godmother? I only met this woman one time, one time in person. We talk on the phone after that because she was a fan of mine. You know I appreciate that. Anybody who shows me love, I'ma show major love back. Let's get this straight right now. We never had a conversation about her being my child's godmom. I don't know you. Why would I do that? Then she said she called me... if she had called me, we would have never been in that predicament. If she had called me and said, 'Kim I was on Twitter and I said some things and your fans are coming at me sideways. Yo, can you check them? Out of respect for our relationship because I don't know her that well. We were trying to develop something... I would have said something to my fans if she had called me, texted me."

On her diss track against Nicki Minaj:
"She made the first record towards me. If you listen to that remix, she been waiting for so long to even say the word "Queen Bee" cause that's how obsessed she is. C'mon you on a record with Beyoncé. If I had a record with Beyoncé, I'm not sayin' nothing remotely so this chick think that I'm talkin' about her."

When Charlamagne pointed out that "Queen Bee" was a Beyoncé reference:

"Come on. Let's be real. First of all, I love Beyoncé and rightfully so. She definitely is the Queen Beyoncé. But you knew me when I first came out? Queen Bee. Who are my fans? The Bee Hive. No one likes to give me my rightful due on anything. Everyone wants to take something from me. I think we can all share things. If you're a queen at what you do, you're a queen at what you do. But let's just be real. She took the first shots. It's always been like that. It's so deep. She's been throwing shots and is still throwing shots. At the end of the day it's deeper than everybody thinks. They took a lot from me. That situation is deep."
On Iggy Azalea's place in hip-hop:
"I like her. Everybody got their own opinion. I like Iggy because I think she got the love for it. I think she got the sass. I think she got the little swag that she need."
Watch the full interview below, and let us know what you think in the comments section!

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