Christina Milian, Lil Wayne's Alleged Mistress Is Reportedly Pregnant With His Child

Christina Milian recently promised fans that in her upcoming reality show she really let people in on her personal relationships. Let's hope that she means it because if all of the rumors are true, Milian's personal life looks like a hot mess. She has spent the past few months constantly on the arm of Lil Wayne, even though he is supposedly engaged to Dhea Sodano. Rumor has it that Milian is currently pregnant with Wayne's baby, as is Sodano!

Apparently Milian helped throw an early birthday party for Wayne last week and while there she neither drank nor smoked, both being things that 'Tina turn up' usually enjoys doing. She also appeared to be sporting a baby bump that she didn't care to hide. Milian was also spotted visiting a popular ob/gyn's office this past week, an appointment that sent the rumor mill into over drive.

Aside from the fact that if all of this is true then Milian's basically a pregnant side chick with a very busy baby daddy, it's also a little more complicated. She was briefly married to The Dream and they share a daughter. Dream's ex-wife is Nivea, who also has a child with Wayne. Talk about complicated but basically Milian could have kids with two of Nivea's exes' and baby daddy's.
Christina Milian, Lil Wayne's Alleged Mistress Is Reportedly Pregnant With His Child
So far neither Milian or Wayne have commented on the rumors about much of anything. We know that they have been working together but so far neither is copping to any more than that. Do you guys think that Milian is actually pregnant? Will Wayne stay with her if so and what about his engagement to Sodano? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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