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Shock as woman from ‘heaven’ is found undressed in the yard!

An elderly woman who was found undressed near a house in Njube suburb on Monday morning in a suspected foiled witchcraft expedition stunned residents and passersby when she claimed that she was from heaven.

A witness who only identified himself as Sibanda confirmed the shocking incident saying a lot of conspiracy theories have been coined by residents with a lot of them suspecting that the granny was on a foiled witchcraft expedition.

Said Sibanda: “I was walking from church with my friends and we saw the woman stark undressed. At first we thought our eyes were deceiving us thinking it was just an object until we got closer and found out that it was a human being.

“When we got closer one of my friends screamed for help thereby attracting the attention of residents who quickly came and witnessed the macabre spectacle.
Shock as woman from ‘heaven’ is found undressed in the yard!
“When I asked her where she had come from she seemed confused before she told us that she was coming from heaven and had been sent by her grandchildren to go and buy milk as they were complaining of hunger.”

It is alleged that when the granny who showed no signs of mental illness was being prodded to furnish her mission to the residents and passersby she insisted that that she fell from heaven.

Another resident who identified himself as Ngwenya said the woman was reportedly on a botched witchcraft expedition.

“This was a pure act of witchcraft; this woman never came from heaven as she was claiming, it was just her silly defense to avoid the wrath of the residents who were baying for her blood,” said Ngwenya.

Reports were that some Good Samaritans who sensed danger from the wrath of the residents took the woman to their home for safety.

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