Cheating wife exposed by The Holy spirit!

A self-proclaimed apostle yesterday told the court that the Holy Spirit had revealed to him that his wife was having an adulterous affair with two men.

Jimmy Chirimba said the Holy Spirit went on to reveal the names of the two men who were sleeping with his wife, Angeline Mukahadzi.

Chirimba made the revelations at the Harare Civil Court where he was seeking a protection order against Mukahadzi whom he accused of spending his money with her two boyfriends.

“We are always quarrelling with my wife because she wants to spend all the money she collects from my tenants,” he said.

Chirimba said he was the one supposed to collect money from their tenants because he was the owner of the house.
Cheating wife exposed by The Holy spirit!
“I built that 10-roomed house with my first wife and now she wants to take charge of all the rentals, denying me my share yet she knows that I am unemployed,” he said.

He told Harare Civil Court magistrate Ms Audrey Tarugarira that it was the Holy Spirit which revealed to him that his wife was having an adulterous affair with two men.

“The Holy Spirit even revealed to me the actual names of the two men which are Brian and Chris,” said Chirimba.

“I then confirmed with my daughter who is closer to me and she confirmed the names of the two men.”

Mukahadzi denied the allegations and accused Chirimba of being in the habit of physically attacking her with burning firewood.

“This man is in the habit of physically and verbally abusing me despite the fact that I was granted a protection order against him last month,” she said.

Mukahadzi claimed Chirimba was not buying food for the family, leading to her collecting the rentals by herself.

Ms Tarugarira dismissed Chirimba’s application saying her court had no jurisdiction to deal with rentals.

She told Chirimba to approach the proper court for that.

Source: The Herald

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