40 Days of Love: Nothing is more important than relationships – Day 1

Relationships are both wonderful and painful. It’s just amazing how two people would be in love at one time as they walk down the aisle and a few years later they go through a painful separation or divorce than neither want but both feel it’s inevitable. There could be couple who were on the verge of divorce due to marital unfaithfulness yet they find it within their hearts to forgive each other and restart their marriage afresh – something many people don’t understand.Or like that man who forgave his wife who had plotted to kill him three times.

40 Days of Love: Nothing is more important than relationships – Day 1
A mother would be screaming at her children and beating them up like the way Jesus beat up those traders at the temple, yet just a few minutes later this mother would be cuddling her little ones assuring them that her love for them remains unshaken

Time is limited to do all things that we would wish to do. It therefore means we have to give priority to those things that matters to us and those that we value. For example if you are married, your spouse would need more of you (time) than your cash (what you can provide). Your child would prefer to be with you in the house ‘riding a train’ than you paying for him to go to the best schools.

Your mother would probably appreciate a phone call to find out how she is doing more than you sending her cash for use. Probably she would prefer to have you visit her even if it’s once every couple of months and come without much but create time for her.

So yesterday I decided to call my mum in light of this new lesson learnt. When I dialed her number, the response on the other side of the line was telling “Hallo my son”. In case you were wondering, my mum does not speak English by default. But she answered my call with the words “Hallo my son”. She was happy that I found time to call her. She really sounded happy. I could sense the joy in her talking to her son. I then went ahead to call my younger brother – not to give him loads and loads of advice, but just to say hi and to find out how he was doing. He could not believe it. I did not lecture him on what he should be doing, but I was there – listening to him. I then called my younger sister and wished her a blessed week ahead. It made a huge difference.

Before you start throwing those guilty glances at me, ask yourself –how is your relationship with the people around you? It could be your family, friends or colleagues at work or your neighbor. Do you ignore the usher at church and think she is good for nothing? Are you the kind that shouts down on people who work under you whether at home or work? Are you the guy who snubs even the security guard at your office?

Remember nothing is more important than relationships.
Point to ponder: Place the highest value on relationships.
Excerpts from the book “The Relationship Principles of Jesus” by Tom Holladay which is part of my local church spiritual campaign dubbed “The 40 Days of Love”. Get yourself a copy from a Christian bookshop near you.

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