40 Days of Love: The Attraction of lesser things – Day 2

Most of us know the things that matter to us. We know the things that we value. But problem is we don’t value them – we fail in the doing part. We find ourselves in the place of Paul. Doing the things we don’t want to do and not doing the things we wish to do. We know how unhealthy the food we eat is, but we still go ahead and eat them all the same.

We are on day 2 of this journey. As we discussed this study with my wife, she could not help but laugh at how I want to take my kids to bed, and pray with them. She has observed that when the 9pm news is a couple of minutes away, I usually dash my kids to bed and the prayers that I offer to them are heavily summarized and there is no opportunity for any songs or games entertained. I know I want to spend some good time with them before they sleep – it’s been a tradition that we have kept for some years now. But due to the more ‘pressing’ need to watch news on TV; I have to summarize this moment of prayers, not withstanding the request by my daughter to sing at least one song.

40 Days of Love: The Attraction of lesser things – Day 2
It’s just interesting how the lesser things really take priority in our lives. These lesser things don’t require much effort to accomplish that is why they are easier to give priority. How is it that you can rarely miss your favorite TV program, news bulletin or a game for close to an hour but find it difficult to create time to pray or even talk to your children or spouse for uninterrupted 15 minutes?

It’s easier for a married couple to watch a video such as “Fire Proof, Laugh your way to Marriage” or any other movie for that matter on great marriages– thank actually sit down and talk and laugh about their way into their own marriage. These things move us emotionally at that moment, but do nothing to change our hearts at the core.We like reading great and motivational stories of success of others, but fail to take any concrete step towards our own success.

We all want to do more with less. We want to do much more within lesser time. We aspire for efficiency. We don’t have time for ‘personal issues’, we focus on productivity. But we are all humans, we need to be appreciated, we need to be recognized, we need to feel loved and wanted – whether at family or at the work place.

Maybe it could be good to break the norm and find out how your colleague is doing. Find out if his child is now crawling, has grown new teeth, is now walking or talking. Find out if their child is now in school and how he or she is adapting. Find out how the family is doing – be there as a friend. Taking a few minutes of your time to chat your colleague on non-work related stuff, will help build bridges. Have a discussion with your child tonight on everything else except homework. Find out about his schoolmates; listen to the story of the cartoon they watched this last weekend. Just at times be there and listen.

Point to ponder: God does not demand of me that I accomplish great things. He does demand of that I strive for excellence in my relationships.

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