We started off from the mistake No. 1 that married women make, that is Comparing Your Spouse With Your Friend’s Spouse; this week we will identify types of spouses:

There are 4 types of men and each comes with its strengths and weaknesses. None is actually better because there is the place of taking responsibility and while I don’t subscribe to a man hiding under the guise of his temperament to become irresponsible we also must not totally discount the place of our personality type in why we do what we do.

1. The Intimidating spouse

He is a typical African man who will never cede leadership to anyone. He is driven by projects and work such that relationship is secondary. He is too busy to notice what you wear or a change of hairdo and loves to set the rules as against becoming diplomatic. He is a workaholic and expresses anger when you don’t measure up to his expectations. He loves a woman that is intellectually sound and that can use her initiative to fix things without questioning his authority. So for him, service is critical.

If you are married to this type of man, you must not argue with him because you won’t win. Serve him, produce results for him, be brief when you have something to share with him and always suggest ways to achieve results. Don’t get upset when he forgets important days that matter to you because it is not intentional. However, this doesn’t mean you must become a dummy. You must develop yourself intellectually to a level that he will learn to respect you and you will become indispensable to him. Sex, for him, is to ease stress so don’t be surprised at how fast he rushes the entire process and how unromantic he could be after the act.

2. The Creative Spouse

He is highly romantic and may not be able to survive without romance but he could also be very flashy and naturally attracts a horde of ladies. He may not know where to draw the line and is prone to making costly mistakes which he could repeat severally before he finally learns his lessons.

He is that highly disorganised spouse and can make you mad because he messes up everything you take your time to organize. His shoes go north while the socks go south and he seems to be always looking for things. He is quite undisciplined and can cover up his tracks really well but he becomes more responsible if he has a spouse who can hold him accountable, emotionally, without rejecting him.

You can’t afford to be a traditional wife around him because he loves it sexy. So be in touch with latest fashion trends and be at your best when it comes to matching colours. He is sensitive to smell and touch so pay attention to your fragrance and dress sense.

3. The Dependable Spouse
Highly faithful and committed, he loves to understand and relate with people. He is a complete family man but could be cautious to a level that can get you angry especially when what you want done requires a quick decision. He hates to be rushed and shouted at and that can make him withdraw and keep secrets. He is gentle and loving and that could be taken for granted but he does not want you to take advantage of him because of that. He wants you to be sincere and interested in him. Romance is poetry to him so you must be ready for a sexual relationship that is slow but wonderful. He forgives easily and is highly dependable but he hates being taken for granted and hates it when you rebuke him openly.

So if this is your spouse and you don’t respect and appreciate him, you may force him into the hands of strangers which is not naturally his style. He usually looks for communication with a new friend (opposite sex) when the spouse at home is not available and would give anything (including sex) to maintain that new friendship.

4 The Systematic Spouse
Ever wondered why a man refuses to be moved no matter all you do to turn him? Have you also ever wondered how on earth a man could be so detailed and conscious to a level where you begin to wonder if he is actually in tune with reality? That is the systematic spouse for you.

To be continued… next post

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