Writing Services In Zimbabwe

Need help telling your story?

Through Oudney's Writing Lab, I produce top-notch writing for entrepreneurs, nonprofits, small businesses and marketing agencies.

Some examples of typical copywriting jobs include:
  • Websites
  • Articles
  • Blogs (as a ghostwriter or paid contributor on your blog)
  • Brochures
  • Newsletters (printed or electronic)
  • Press releases
  • Donation appeal letters
  • Annual reports

If you are looking for strictly SEO writing, where you hand me a few titles and keywords, I’m not your writer. While I do consider search engine optimization (SEO) and keywords when I write, I prefer to work directly with clients, so that I can learn about their business and extract the messages they need to be relaying in order to be most effective.

My Approach
When I write for you, I typically start the process through an interview. Fair warning, I will ask you questions that will make you think hard about your business and your goals. My aim is to understand the story or stories that need to be told. My traditional background in marketing and advertising inform my approach. Oftentimes, we’ll discover new messages and stories that you didn’t realize were there. It’s a fun process!

My expertise is in writing good, effective content that sells your products, services or cause. Compelling copy keeps your audience engaged and enables them to take action, whether it’s donating to your nonprofit, buying your product, visiting your website, sharing their good experience with your service via their social network, or running a story about you in a news publication.
Read more about my background.
Read more about my approach to copywriting.

If you would like to do the writing yourself and just need a little direction on the marketing end, I also offer one-on-one coaching sessions.

Let me help you tell your story. Contact me about your writing needs.

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