Prophetess Memory Matimbire and The Ndadhinhiwa (I Am Fed Up) Prayer Group

Prophetess Memory Matimbire is the visionary and founder of the Ndadhinhiwa (I Am Fed Up) Prayer Group, also known as Daughters of Virtue: Ndadhinhiwa Prayer Group. 

Born in Zimbabwe, Matimbire started the prayer group in April 2018 with the mission to deliver and equip women to their full potential and build a generation of women who are fully equipped in prayer and the knowledge of God.

Written By Chief Oudney Patsika
Matimbire's call to ministry came from her personal experience as a barren woman. Despite facing years of infertility after marriage, she eventually gave birth to a baby boy. This journey of barrenness led her to understand the pain and struggles that women facing infertility go through. 

Matimbire believes that God anointed her to help other women in similar situations, leading her to hold prayer sessions specifically for barren women to pray for their conception.

Following her anointing, Matimbire embarked on a spiritual journey of fasting, prayer retreats, and seeking God's face in secluded places such as Mutemwa, Domboshawa, Ngomakurira Mountains, and other hills in Marondera and Goromonzi. During these times, she claims that God worked on her character and set her apart for a special assignment. 
Prophetess Memory Matimbire and The Ndadhinhiwa (I Am Fed Up) Prayer Group
Prophetess Memory Matimbire and The Ndadhinhiwa (I Am Fed Up) Prayer Group
Matimbire also credits God for giving her the power to pray for people facing various problems, which led her to fast, pray, and visit different locations.

Under Matimbire's leadership, the Ndadhinhiwa Prayer Group has engaged in various activities, including national and international events. The group has gained an international presence and is sometimes referred to as the Daughters of Virtue International Ministries. 

Matimbire has been invited to preach in other countries under the banner of the group, and they have also hosted renowned women preachers from across Africa.

Matimbire emphasizes the phrase "Ndadhinhiwa" as the motto of the Daughters of Virtue. She interprets it as a declaration that women are tired of their current circumstances and are saying "enough is enough." 

Matimbire sees the women in her group as spiritual soldiers, fighting spiritual battles rather than physical ones. She often refers to them as the modern-day Deborahs, drawing inspiration from the biblical story of Zelophehad's daughters.

Prophetess Memory Matimbire continues to lead the Ndadhinhiwa Prayer Group, empowering women through prayer, teaching, and equipping them to fulfill their God-given potential. 

Her ministry has touched the lives of many women in Zimbabwe and beyond, bringing hope, encouragement, and spiritual growth.

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