Apostle Pride Sibiya's Heartfelt Reflection on His Facebook Followers

In a touching message, Apostle Pride Sibiya opens up about his relationship with his Facebook followers and how he considers them an integral part of his online church. 

With a reach of over 5 million people, Sibiya recognizes the importance of this platform in spreading his message and connecting with individuals from various walks of life.

Sibiya emphasizes that while his Facebook followers may not be members of Glory Ministries, his church, he sees himself as their pastor among many others. He aims to complement the work of their physical pastors by addressing specific topics that can enhance their spiritual growth and understanding.

Despite not having met his Facebook followers personally, Sibiya expresses his love and care for them, considering them his sons and daughters. He encourages them to greet him if they ever have the opportunity to meet, emphasizing that he is their pastor and not a politician or celebrity.

Sibiya makes it clear that his online church is not meant to replace or compete with the local churches his followers attend. Instead, it serves as a support system and a way to complement their existing spiritual journeys. He encourages his followers to remain loyal to their own pastors unless they feel called to be a part of Glory Ministries.
Apostle Pride Sibiya's Heartfelt Reflection on His Facebook Followers
Apostle Pride Sibiya's Heartfelt Reflection on His Facebook Followers
The apostle reveals that he prays for his Facebook followers every time he opens their messages, regardless of whether there is a specific request or even if some may mock him. He also sets aside select days for fasting and prayer specifically dedicated to his online church.

In return, Sibiya expects support from his online church, both spiritually and financially. He encourages his followers to share his posts, invite friends to join the online community, and attend events whenever possible. While tithing should be directed towards their own churches, Sibiya appreciates any additional support that can help him carry out various initiatives such as providing blankets and food to those in need.

In sharing his heart with his followers, Apostle Pride Sibiya aims to foster a deeper connection and understanding within his online church community. His message of love, support, and collaboration serves as an inspiration for others navigating the complexities of online ministry.

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