“A Pastor’s Wife is Like a Buffer,” says Pastor Anna Sibiya

Being a pastor’s wife has its highs and lows, according to Pastor Anna Sibiya. The calling requires a committed person. 

After being married for nearly two decades, she has some pointers on being a clergy’s wife.

Growing up, she had many dreams like many of her colleagues. “When growing up, we dream of many things but we never imagine becoming a pastor or pastor’s, wife. I am one such lady that had the hunger to do the things of God but never imagined becoming a pastor’s wife,” Pastor Anna Sibiya wrote in The Sunday Mail in 2019.

Married to Bishop Pride Sibiya since September 25, 2004, the couple were blessed with three children.

“I remember the time when God spoke to me about my future husband, in my mind I refused to accept it. To me, that was the hardest task ever, considering that we were talking of a man of God. The view you have in your mind is something beyond your own imagination,” she said.
Pastor Anna Sibiya
Pastor Anna Sibiya

“It’s not an easy task but it is enjoyable once you ask God to give you the grace to lead you.

One of the pertinent problems is the competition they constantly face. “A pastor’s wife is like a buffer, she works in-between the church and the man of God. She also faces the struggle to fight for attention at times because the church demands more time from the man of God.”

Often, pastor’s wives are compared to their husbands. “We also get the challenges of being compared to the pastors we marry, yet in our own right, we had an identity of our own and different pace, even a calling that might be different from the man of God.

Stigma and name-calling is prevalent she noted. “As a woman next to the man of God, one faces the stigma of being called names based on the way most women in society are perceived. For example, when you come in when the ministry has already started, you are always tagged as the lady who made the pastor fall.”

Passionately called mother by many, she says loneliness is real. “As a pastor’s wife, sometimes it’s very lonely up there because your friend, the man of God will be so focused on expanding the vision of the church so much.”
Pastor Anna Sibiya
Pastor Anna Sibiya
But God’s grace has kept her going. “Though we feel drained, we keep going through prayer, support and encouragement from the man of God and seeing other woman of God who have gone before us and succeeded, it gives more strength to keep going.

She, however, revealed the exciting moments. “Being a pastor’s wife has its exciting times, especially when you are working as a team with your husband, you will enjoy every moment. One of the things ministry has helped me to appreciate is a big family full of different characters but mostly love.”

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