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With advances in mobile technology, people are more connected than ever. Members of your congregation now do business, find entertainment and share their lives through mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

If your church isn’t mobile-optimized, then you are missing out on one of the best ways to connect and engage with your congregation.

That is why we are offering those interested in signing up for DiscipleSoft an opportunity to get My Church App for free. This newest app from DiscipleSoft helps you connect with your congregation with the information they need most.

To get this offer you only have to refer DiscipleSoft to 5 other churches who sign up to our service.

Features and Functionality List:
1. About Church | History | Leadership
2. Devotional Messages
3. Articles
4. Push Notifications
5. Fundraising
6. Video Sermons
7. Audio Sermons/ Podcasting
8. Cell Groups List
9. Upcoming Events
10. Announcements and Notices
11. Live Broadcasting
12. Soul Tracker

Why Your Church Needs The ChurchApp:

Detailed Features Descriptions

Devotional Messages: Daily devotional life is a springboard for your church members to developing a rich, rewarding, and productive relationship with the Lord. But Spending time with the Lord is facing a real threat of potential extinction. Through the ChurchApp you have an opportunity to help your members maintain a consistent devotional life. The demands of modern life seem to be pulling people away from spending time in prayer or studying God’s word. When you send a devotional message all members with the ChurchApp will receive a notification to prompt them to read the devotion.

Church Notices: This allows you to post all notices on to the ChurchApp and each time a notice is posted members will receive a notification. Sometimes people will miss important announcements or notices during services but when they are posted to their phones nothing will be missed. Sometimes there are important notices that cannot wait until the next service, posting them to the app will ensure that accurate information is communicated promptly.
Get ChurchApp Worth $600 USD or R9,000 For Free!
This way, you can remain in contact with your congregation throughout the week. One of the biggest complaints we hear from people in the church is that they do not know what is going on. The local church has a communication problem. The ChurchApp is an easy way to disseminate announcements and information about the life of the church.

Upcoming Events: There is a section dedicated to upcoming events in the life of your church. Special events like conferences are usually planned months in advance, by having them on the app, members will likely not forget. You can also post a custom designed a graphic poster of the event. Other information like speakers, event theme, directions, start and finish times will be displayed.
Video Messages: Currently, the sermons your pastor worked so hard to prepare can only be heard at your church on Sunday they are given. After the day is over that sermon is lost never to be heard again. If you instead record a video that sermon, the ChurchApp will make sure that it is available to anyone with the app at any time forever. Sometimes your members will hear a great sermon on Sunday but come Wednesday morning they have already forgotten exactly what it was about. If you turn that sermon into a video they can come back during the week and watch the sermon again on your drive into work or while they are doing their laundry. Getting that refresher during the week can really drive home the message they heard on Sunday.

Podcasting: As a church, you are already creating great audio content with your weekly sermons. A podcast is a great way to take that weekly sermon and make it available to your congregation through the ChurchApp. It is also a great way for prospective visitors to get a better idea of what your church is about before they show up. For members and non-members of the church alike, listening to a podcast is convenient.

It can be difficult at times to get a friend or neighbour to come into the church. It is a lot of effort and causes a lot of social anxiety to show up in person for a newcomer. It isn’t hard though to recommend a great sermon to a friend to get them to virtually come to your church during their drive into work. If your friend likes what they hear they will start tuning in every week. After a while it will feel like they are already attending your church and actually going in won’t be as scary for them.
Get ChurchApp Worth $600 USD or R9,000 For Free!
Get ChurchApp Worth $600 USD or R9,000 For Free!
Live Broadcast: There are times where church members will be travelling or unable to make it into church on Sunday, live streaming is a great opportunity for them to still experience your services. By streaming your services and other events, you’re able to take your ministry beyond the walls of your church, connecting with more people than ever before.

Pledge Management: For most churches, pledge campaigns are an effective way of raising financial support around a specific project or need. Ideally, this project or need is significant or emotionally-engaging enough to arouse a sense of urgency within the congregation. Building urgency and momentum is one sure-fire way to ensure that the pledge campaign will be successful. Using the ChurchApp, members can make their pledges.

Once pledges have been created by the member, they will be able to track their payment towards the pledge over a period of time.

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