In Your Anger, Do Not Curse!

It was some years back that a woman asked me to pray for her husband because nothing was working at his garage it was disaster after disaster, loses and accusation, police cases coming up against him. 

Because of this she and the kids were suffering at home, kids not going to school. I insisted that she convince him to come. He finally agreed and the came to see the (prophet innocently) so we spoke they took turns to explain their challenge and how bad it was. 

And for real it was very bad as l was listening the Lord opened my eyes and l began to see them arguing then the wife said.

"That garage will close and you will never make anything out of it. You are a fool."
In Your Anger, Do Not Curse!
In anger, the hubby replied, "Even if I make anything you and your kids will not enjoy it, you rats."
After seeing this I said please tell me what you said to each other some time ago when you were angry with each other. They all looked down with shy faces. We used to argue a lot "Prophet, but it is now in the past we love each other so much now" replied the wife. 

And the hubby was quick to say yes that was back then.

I said the words they said in that vision and they all looked shocked and I asked, is that true. They all said yes it is true. Then I said you cursed your husband's garage and you spoke a curse to your wife back that they will not see anything from that garage. 

This is why now you are where you are now. 

They looked shocked the hubby said I thought its in the past. I said the accuser the devil is using that against you. You will need to repent of those words ask for forgiveness from God and each other. 

After that speak a blessing on each other go home do it every day for the next two weeks, just speak favour and blessings. It took them two weeks they came back testifying that something's has started to happen.

Extract From Bishop Prophet Charles Kadufa's Article

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