Bishop Tudor Bismark For Chitungwiza WordPack Kingdom Convention 2019

Chitungwiza – World-renowned gospel minister Bishop Tudor Bismark will feature at the 2019 edition of WordPack Kingdom Convention entitled: Dominate.

Bishop Bismark will present the School of Ministry, during the conference scheduled for 15 to 17 November in Chitungwiza.

“The instalment is when calling, anointing and appointment meet with experience, depth and weight. This is when God delivers the Wells and Worlds within our Fathers in the Faith in order to bring out a Stronger, Unshakable, Confident and Knowledgeable church of God.” according to Pastor Lauda Ndamuka.

Hosted by Jabula New Life Covenant, Chitungwiza, WordPack Kingdom Convention is a Christian Kingdom event targeted at impacting the body of Christ with deeper insight, revelation and understanding of God’s word, birthed by Jabula International.
Bishop Tudor Bismark Preaches At Eastview New Life Covenant Church
Word Pack Kingdom Convention targets to impact the body of Christ with Deeper Insight, Deeper Revelation and Deeper Understanding of the Word of God.

Born out of the Jabula International vision, Transforming people and Transforming Nations, Word Pack Kingdom convention desires and aims at unfolding deeper mysteries of the word of God and become an answer to most unanswered questions that both Christians and non–Christians have.
Hosted by Pastors Trevor and Lauda Vongai Ndamuka of Jabula New Life Covenant Church Chitungwiza, Word Pack has a thrust of benefitting the whole body of Christ in Chitungwiza and beyond.

It caters for all ages and all peoples from all walks of life.

Word Pack Kingdom Convention theme for 2019 is DOMINATE and it is a charge for all humans to put into action the ancient mandate of the human being from the Creator in which after he has become fruitful, multiplied, replenished the earth and subdued it, he or she has to Dominate over the main levels of creation, which are the Sea, the Air and the Earth according to Genesis 1 vs. 28.
Bishop Tudor Bismark Preaches At Eastview New Life Covenant Church
Bishop Tudor Bismark Preaches At Eastview New Life Covenant Church

Christ leads a Kingdom and its inhabitants are called Believers and they have a deliberate and intentional kingdom instruction to take over both spiritual and natural spheres and Dominate. Kingdom believers are to be Head only and never Tail, they are to be Above only and never Beneath, they are to be Priests and Kings after their Master, Christ. As such, Dominion is not an option but a Kingdom Pre-requisite.

Word Pack 2019 begins with an evening POWER OPENING SERVICE on Friday the 15th of November at the Aquatic Complex and is aimed at loosing bonds and setting the spiritual engine ready for subduing and overtaking. Chains of ignorance will fall, Deliverance will be set in motion by the Revelatory power of the living Word of God.

This will be followed by the most desired SCHOOL OF MINISTRY with Bishop Tudor and Pastor Chichi Bismark on Saturday the 16th of November in the morning till lunchtime. These are Deeper moments for ministry workers and leaders at various levels. It is open to Bishops, Pastors and leaders at various levels, as well as aspiring ministry workers and it, is FREE of charge.

In the afternoon of the very same day, 16th of November, Word Pack Kingdom Convention will present a PARTNERS LUNCHEON with Bishop Tudor and Pastor Chichi Bismark. Ministry is partnered with at various levels, ranging from Prayer, Serving in departments, Financially and even Supporting the visionary or ministry workers socially or emotionally, the list is endless. All partners, as well as aspiring partners and those that want to learn more about partnering aspects and its benefits, are invited to take part in this luncheon. Tickets for the luncheon are sold through NLCC Chitungwiza administration and they are at first come first serve basis as seats are limited.

Saturday the 16th of November in the evening, it will be our Africa Night service. This is a service of celebrating God in our African uniqueness. It’s a service full of energy. A time to express ourselves in God’s presence with African intensity. We also dress in our African colours and dancing shoes. A celebratory service full of deliverance, breaking of shackles, falling of chains and various levels of deliverances. Numerous testimonies have been birthed from this service over the years and this year is not an exception. Limits will be challenged and the Lord is ready to break cycles and usher in a new beginning. We say Only Believe, at this year’s Africa Night, you shall see the Glory of God.

Sunday the 17th of November we conclude with our Apostolic Impartation service in the morning. It is a service of Apostolic instruction, Apostolic charge and Apostolic Release where Grace to manifest and live the preached word is released. A service for release of giftings and a charge that brings kingdom impact. A service that brings hunger and thirst to reach out to nations. You need to make a date with this service.

Special features at this conference are music guests, Baba Amos Mahendere, Apostle Sam Gunguta (Brother Sam), Pastor Zhuwao and NLCC Chitungwiza Covenant Praise Band.

It is Transformational at Word Pack as we Dominate this year.

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