The Growing Influence and Popularity of Short Videos

Netflix once announced that it would release a series of original, 15-minute stand-up comedy specials, indicating a push for more short-form programming.

Business Insider reports: “The short-form comedies can help Netflix’s aim of acquiring more mobile viewers. Mobile viewers prefer shorter, snackable content — 47% of all mobile video viewing is on videos 20 minutes or shorter, while 39% of views go to content 5 minutes or shorter, according to Ooyala per Variety magazine. Appealing to mobile users can help Netflix measure up to YouTube, which ranked first in terms of average monthly users across iPhone and Android in 2017.”

Netflix’s short-form push is focused on gaining more casual mobile viewers, who are consuming short-form video on Facebook and YouTube instead.
The Growing Influence and Popularity of Short Videos
Business Insider continues: “Netflix’s short-form push comes as the company is adding subscribers at a rapid clip. The company beat analyst expectations and added 8.3 million subscribers globally in Q4 2017, bringing its total subscriber count to 118 million.”

So what does this mean for evangelism?

One study indicates that 47% of people who watch a short video want to find out more. 

That means the time is now to produce meaningful, compelling, short videos. Testimonies, dramas, comedies, documentaries – all these and more can be powerful ways to share a message of hope.

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