Get Wealth To Persue You!

Recently, my friend Oudney received an invitation to train a digital marketing course at a million-dollar corporation.

The ever-smiling, light-skinned and stout pal of mine delivered a riveting presentation that led to the signing of a $30k deal with the company. This morning he came to my crib tongue-drooped and panting like a greyhound from a chase. He was obviously delirious and felt the nudge to inform me in person about his milestone.

We were both happy about it and spoke about it for several minutes. We further digested the matter as we reclined at the dining table for a tantalising breakfast my amiable wife had prepared. Moments after the pleasantries of the tongue, I accompanied my good friend to his red 4X4 ride. I saw him off as he vanished in the billows of dust, cruising the fine terrain of my plot.

Today I want to share with you timeless qualities I have learnt from Oudney in the past decade that I have known him. Internalising these virtues will make you a wealth magnet, you will wax greater in influence and possession.
Get Wealth To Persue You!
1. Create An Appealing Physical Presence: Work on bodily qualities that make your appearance contagious. People have a tendency of giving access to people that strikes their cords right on first impression. Be kind in language, verbal halitosis makes you repulsive. Oudney has a charming physical presence that makes his empire of clients open floodgates of referrals for him. People are the major financial portal to your coffers, relational prowess is an asset you should treasure.

2. Be On Top Of Your Game: It’s usually the simple things we do that most people in the same field take for granted that elevates us. Excellence in service is the leash that creates an unforgettable connection with your clients, it is the magic that turns rowdy clients into lapdogs to your cause.
Job rules are basically the same, find out simple things that set you apart and activate them rigorously. Strive to be the cream that settles at the top of your industry. Oudney is a believer in excellence, he doesn’t rest until a job is accomplished the way he wants it.

3. Keep It Simple And Concise: One of the strengths that my friend has is simplifying matters, which enables him to deduce principles that make him king of his own jungle. He believes that only principles can defeat a host of principalities when applied right. He won this contract by avoiding dragging the panel through a long and tiresome presentation. Simplicity is the ointment that gives you favour with man. People dislike hanging around complicated human beings.

4. Develop An Affinity For Social Media: You obtain a better fortune in life the earlier you believe that social media platforms have real people. I have heard and read about successful social media companies that have earned myriads of wealth for their owners. People are meeting and marrying via social media, it’s high time you maximise your omnipotence through utilising online presence. Oudney networks well with people via social media.

5. Shift Your Position: Money is loyal to positions not people. You will never have it until you get in to the vortexes of commercial activity. Your geographical location determines your financial emancipation. To hog that deal, Oudney had to literally and deliberately walk into the four wall of that organisation. From their boardroom, he walked out $30k richer.

6. Hustle Your Passion: The reason we linger a bit more in a particular cause even in the middle of hardship is passion for what we do. To achieve remarkably in the marketplace you need that strength which is drawn from the wells of passion. Oudney has been focusing on Social media marketing even during the days it made no sense. Passion for what we do is the force that compels resources to rally behind us.

Until next time keep your hope lit!

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