A Personal Touch From God!

Everyone has been removed from your life because God is getting ready to give you a personal touch. 

Have you designed your life around something that God wants to fix? 
A Personal Touch From God!

Are you surrounded by people who placate you in your dysfunction and don’t challenge you to realize your full potential? There are sometimes people in your life that may not be equipped to come with you to the next level.

Sometimes God has to break your heart to make your heart! You may find yourself in a place that feels lonely and isolated, but you have to trust the process (1 Chronicles 16:11). Sometimes God has to remove all distractions from your life in order to get your undivided attention to really do His perfect work in you (Proverbs 3:5).
This is your season, God is preparing to touch you in a miraculous way (Ecclesiastes 3:1)! Do not have any fear or doubts about the people you see God removing from your life, He is the most loyal friend you can have by your side - and know that He is always there with your best interests at heart (Isaiah 41:10).
A Personal Touch From God!
A Personal Touch From God!
A Personal Touch From God!

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