Priority Of Purpose with Oudney Patsika

You were made for a definite purpose. The discovery of your purpose or the assignment is what is called your life destiny. From God’s side, your destiny is perfected. 

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations. I alone know the plans I have for you; plan to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring about the future you hope for. (Jer. 1:5; 29:11 GNB).

Your own part is to discover what it is. Actually what you are meant to do on earth is not your decision but rather your discovery. Everyone who has ever lived an impactful and meaningful life, first of all, made a discovery of his life destiny. 

Unless you run your life with a clear understanding of that destiny, your mission on earth will remain obscured and your life will be reduced to a burden. Jesus was 12 when He started living in his purpose, David was 17, and Jeremiah was still a teenager when he heard God call him. Joseph was actually 17 as at the time he entered into his journey of purpose, Samuel was just a little boy. 

Contemporary history is also full of men who became world changers. 

Consider Bill Gate, the Microsoft giant, who brought a new face to a personal computer; Steve Jobs is the brain behind Apple Computers; Henry Ford, the founder of Ford cars, made cars affordable to an average American; Martin Luther King Jr. brought an end to racism in America. 

Just as all these men and women enforced and manifested their destinies, you are also meant to be an answer to a particular problem.

Every man and woman on earth asks, consciously or unconsciously, these five basic questions about life. These questions are forces behind everything in the world.

1. Where AM I from? = Question about ORIGIN.
2. Who AM I? = Question about IDENTITY.
3. Why AM I here? = Question about PURPOSE.
4. What AM I supposed to do? = Question about POTENTIALS.
5. Where AM I going? = Question about DESTINY.

Have you been able to find answers to these questions? 

The answers to these questions cannot be found in religion or philosophy. Fortunately, you can get adequate answers to all of them. The Bible, the book of your destiny and the manual for running your life provide answers for all these questions. 

We are much more interested in the third question: The question of PURPOSE.


It is more tragic to be alive and not knowing why you exist. You are either running with a vision, going on a mission, or burning with a passion. If you do not belong to any of these, life is reduced to a burden.

So what is purpose?
Purpose is origin INTENT.
Purpose is the REASON for the creation of a thing.
Purpose is the OBJECTIVE of a thing.
Purpose is the END RESULT that made a manufacturer made a thing

Nobody creates a thing without any reason; the goal of a thing is what we call its PURPOSE. The purpose of a mirror is to produce the correct image of anything that is in front of it; the purpose of a pen is that it should be used to write on paper.


Knowing your PURPOSE helps you discover your IDENTITY
Knowing your PURPOSE helps you discover your WORK
Knowing your PURPOSE is the only guarantee for SUCCESSFUL living
Knowing your Purpose is the only way to bring GLORY to God
Knowing your Purpose guarantee SAFETY, SUPPLY and SIGNIFICANCE


Your PURPOSE has a GLOBAL reputation.
In order words, God wants you to make a global influence. You are a world-class being. It is not in the plan of God for you to be a local champion; you are a global figure (Matt. 5:13, 14) 

Your PURPOSE has DURATION for its fulfilment.
You are not going to be here forever. You are meant to exist for a season. Everybody has a season of life; there is always a time for everything and a season for every purpose under heaven (Eccl. 3:1).

There is an environment that I suitable for the fulfilment of your purpose in life; an attempt to stay where God has not programmed for you will amount to failure. Consider the family of Elimelech and Ruth (Ruth 1:1ff) 

Your PURPOSE is meant to be REALIZED.

Great men are not just those who control wealth of the earth, but those who completed their assignment and realized their destiny.

Your PURPOSE is UNIQUE to you.

Since no two things are made the same way, so no two things can do the same thing. Therefore you are your unique you. No one else in the world carries your DNA.

Your PURPOSE will require a process of TIME for its fulfillment.
Every purpose undergoes a process of time and testing to prove its originality and competence.

Your PURPOSE is meant to be DISCOVERED.

Only the maker knows why he made what he made. So don’t struggle to find, you only need to discover it from the maker.
Priority Of Purpose with Oudney Patsika

God wants you to know why he created you. He did not mean that you should meander and make experiment of life. To discover your purpose therefore, you need to ask some certain questions.

These questions are like POINTERS that will help you to have a glimpse into the reason for your existence. God promises that when we ask we shall receive (Matt. 7:7). Learn from Paul the apostle. To enter into his purpose, he asked God.

When God confronted him on the way to Damascus, the question he asked was: “what shall I do, Lord?” (Acts 22:10). And God told him: “Get up and go into Damascus. There you will be told all that you have been assigned to do.” (Acts 22:10).

So also you need to ask questions for you to discover what you have been assigned to do. The questions to ask are as follows:

What is the WITNESS of the Holy Spirit in my spirit?

“For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are the sons of God… The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirits that we are children of God. (Rom. 8:14, 16)”

What is the deepest DESIRE of my heart?

“Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart.” (Psalm 37:4)

What stirs my PASSION?

Passion is that zeal, fire, excitement, and intensity that you feel about things that are important to you. Look at Jesus in John 2:15. He drove out those selling in the temple because he was consumed with the passion for God’s house (Psalm 69:9).

What flows NATURALLY out of me?

Your course of destiny will feel right- will feel natural – as you discover it. It should be like a shoe that is perfectly your size. God has designed you to “walk in your own shoes.”

Where do I bring forth FRUIT or produced?

“A tree is known by its fruit” (Matt. 12:33). You will naturally flourish and blossom in the area of your purpose.

What do MATURE Christians see in me?

In your journey towards discovering and fulfilling your purpose God will bring to you friends and leaders who can help you on. Don’t ignore them.

What Career or Ministry do I feel the PEACE about pursuing?

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your request be made known to God; and the peace of God, which passes all understanding will guard your hearts and your minds through Christ Jesus” (Phil 4:6-7)

What THOUGHTS, VISIONS, DREAMS are impossible to put out of my mind?

God sometimes birth an idea in our hearts that will refuse to go or that keeps coming perpetually. That may be an indication to our destiny. Remember, he promised that when the Holy Spirit comes, we will see visions and dream dreams (Joel 2:28)

To what can I GIVE 100% of my life for my whole life?

Is there anything you are ready to go extra mile for even if it does not involved getting paid for? Your purpose may require “laying down” your life to fulfill it.

What do PEOPLE want to gather around and help me to ACCOMPLISH?

Sometimes, people are attracted to you if they notice you do your work with passion that generates inspiration.
Priority Of Purpose with Oudney Patsika
Upon the discovery of your purpose, you must begin to take steps to realize it. What are the certain steps you must take if you want to see yourself fulfilling your God given destiny?
Commit yourself to a life of PURITY

SIN is a destroyer of destiny. It makes you retrogress in the path of purpose. Sin punctures the spirit. Sin takes you into a detour. Sin reduces your confidence and courage. Sin reduces your efficiency. Sin removes your cover. Sin lessens your morality. Sin causes death.

Create a platform to develop your POTENTIALS.

Your potentials are like raw gold; they must be refined. They are also likening to a new cutlass that is not sharpened. You need to file it so as to make it effective.
Expose your MIND to Greater mind.

You do this through selective reading of great leaders and anointed authors. Reading brings illumination and vitality to your mind and helps you to go farther.
Connect your life to a growing LEADER.

Every potential leader that wants to grow must have a leader from whom he would learn. Look for one and connect your life to him.

It is time for you to make impact as you express your uniqueness. Don’t waste your life. Don’t give the devil any reason to rejoice. Enemy’s Greatest Fear is the Completion of your Assignment. Your enemy does not want you to finish your assignment on earth. He hates you fulfilling your God given destiny. That is why he fights people from cradle to adulthood. 

The devil is a specialist “stargazer.” Once he censors and senses the brightness and the direction of your star, he will do everything to snuff it out. 

The devil dreads you when you are on the path of your destiny. He knows that when that happens, you become unstoppable. He knows that the only way you bring smile and pleasure to God is when you discover and stick to your destiny. 

And so he does everything within his power to cripple you so that you are not strong enough to walk in the path of your destiny.

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