Let’s Appreciate The Sacrifices Of Our Parents

Every human being was born of a biological mother and a biological father. You did not have the option to choose these parents; God, in His infinite wisdom, just gave them to you. 

You might have grown up with or without your biological parents for whatever reasons, but you were brought into this world by them. You have biological parents; I have them too.

As we grow up as children, we tend to compare our family setups by those around us. We tend to judge the success or failure of our parents by the standards of our next-door neighbours. 
Let’s Appreciate The Sacrifices Of Our Parents
We tend to wish if our friend’s parents were our parents! Because within the context of our limited judgements, we tend to think that our parents ‘are not doing enough for us’. We tend to see them as ‘failures’ in our lives. Ummm, is that really the correct assessment?

However, the majority of the people who harbour this type of thinking, later on, repent when they become biological parents themselves. It is only then that they realise parenting was never, is never and will never be an easy task! 

It takes God’s grace to raise up children, and a generation that impacts the world. Those parents we think are not doing enough, are actually sacrificing a lot for us in order to make ends meet in this world. 

There is so much at stake in parenting and parenthood.

About Tapiwa Zuze Tapiwa has been employed as an Aviation Accountant since 2008, specialising more in Management Accounting, Strategy Formulation and Implementation. He has vast experience in using the SAP Accounting System; working more in the Controlling (CO) module, and partially in Financial Accounting (FI) and Materials Management (MM) modules.

Leadership Exposure: Tapiwa Zuze is an ADMINISTRATOR by calling; and an ACCOUNTANT by profession.

He is an esteemed Bible-Believing MINISTER of the Word, a CONFERENCE SPEAKER, a LEADERSHIP COACH, upcoming AUTHOR of various leadership books and articles, and a BLOGGER on various administrative, accounting and leadership topics.

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