A Special Dedication to Rev Oudney Patsika on his 37th Birthday!

A Candle Loses Nothing by Lighting Another Candle | Special Dedication to Rev Oudney Patsika on his 37th Birthday (23/07/2019)

Today I celebrate the 37th birthday and life of my Administrative Mentor: Reverend Oudney Ngoni Patsika (www.oudneypatsika.com). We are both fathered by Bishop Apostle P. Sibiya (www.pridesibiya.com); under the auspices of Glory Ministries (www.glorymin.net).

Rev Patsika is one man who has gone out of his way to nature me both in my personal and professional life. He is one person who has practically shown me that A CANDLE LOSES NOTHING BY LIGHTING ANOTHER CANDLE!!

Rev Patsika is one of the most sought after media gurus in Southern Africa and beyond. His diverse media exposure has made him a renowned brand architect, cinematographer, social analyst, social media expert, online and social media web entrepreneur, google endorsed publisher, author and blogger. 

I have been priviledged a lot to work with him as my administrative mentor for over half a dozen years now; with documented reverberative success!

Naturally, I was born an Administrator. It is within my natural dictates to become restless when I see things moving haphazardly. I strive to balance between strategic planning and execution in my administrative prowess; which is a rare mix within most professional administrators. The majority of people specialise more in one of the two; and rarely do you find a person who does both with notable success.

However, having started my professional journey in 2005; I had not really found someone who could nature and perfect me for the better. I knew that my gift was poised for the upper echelons of responsibility; but who would supervise my work to reach those professional levels? I had done massive work in the house of God when I was still staying in the small town of Chegutu; Zimbabwe. 

But my gift was now calling for higher echelons of workload; and where was I going to get that platform?

Having joined Glory Ministries in April 2013; Rev Patsika was the Executive Pastor at Bethel Worship Centre (https://www.facebook.com/bwczw/); under the Senior Pastoralship of Bishop Apostle P. Sibiya; the founder and president of Glory Ministries. 

I began to regularly attend Business Services every Sunday (between 07:30 – 08:30 hours) which was still in its inaugural phase. Rev Patsika had been assigned as its pastor-in-charge. After about two months of regular attendance; Rev Patsika took me aside one Sunday morning in July 2013; and spoke to me passionately about Bishop Apostle P. Sibiya, Glory Ministries, the church’s vision, mission and values. 

He immediately gave me a few pamphlets about the ministry to read and understand it deeper. He, later on, gave me the Gory Ministries Machaneh (a collection of yesteryear messages that were preached within the ministry). 

“One day you shall become an Administrator in Glory Ministries. I want you to be strong because a number of people will fight you and say many negative things about you. I have passed through the same, and I have overcome them. Do not break along the way. Develop a strong heart; and you shall prevail”,
Rev Patsika said to me (paraphrased). 

He immediately drafted me into the Bethel Worship Centre administrative team; assigning me the role of an Administration Officer – Subscriptions and Partnerships. He also assigned my wife; Regina Tatenda Zuze (https://www.facebook.com/rtsaizi); to oversee a newly created department for Guest Relations. 

My wife has remained in charge of that department even until today; having grown it from its infancy to become a key component of membership retention and management within Glory Ministries.

In April 2014; the then Administrator of Bethel Worship Centre, Pastor Adolf Mandidzinga, went on leave to prepare for his wedding. Rev Patsika, in consultation with the Senior Pastor, thrust me into the hot seat to become the Acting Administrator as we await the return of the Substantive Administrator. 

After the wedding, Pastor Mandidzinga was subsequently transferred to Harare Inner City Worship Centre (https://www.facebook.com/icwczw/); leaving me in charge in an acting capacity. I was then appointed the Substantive Administrator by Rev Patsika with effect from 1 June 2014.

I have remained the Administrator for Bethel Worship Centre for over five years now; and have been doubling up as the District Administrator (since 1 January 2015) of the then Chitungwiza District One, which subsequently evolved to become Bethel District. 

Through the mentorship of Rev Patsika, I have been seconded on a number of other senior ministerial assignments, which include Deputy Chairman of the Tiyambuke International Christian Convention (https://www.facebook.com/tiyambukeicc/) in 2017; Finance Manager in 2015-2016, and Director of Partners from 2015 to date. 

I am also the Deputy Executive Administrator for Glory Ministries from 2016 to date. Along the way, I have chaired more than a dozen weddings and other key events within the ministry with reverberative success. On 4 September 2016, My Father! My Father! (Bishop Apostle P. Sibiya), ordained me and my wife as Elders within Glory Ministries and the Body of Christ.

In my personal life, Rev Patsika oversees my social media presence, particularly my official facebook page – Tapiwa Zuze (https://www.facebook.com/tapiwazuzeofficial/); which has now grown to over 5000 followers/subscribers. He also designed my personal blog/website; www.tapiwazuze.com; branded my personalised logo, and designs/publishes my books under his Oudney’s Studios banner (www.oudneysstudios.com). For his professional services, he can be contacted on +263774042042, or oudneyafrica@gmail.com.

Rev Patsika gave me a lifetime opportunity to serve God when I had no experience required for such a mammoth task! Previously, I had administered an assembly in Chegutu which barely had fifty members in attendance. Now I was expected to drive Bethel Worship Centre; an assembly which recorded in excess of 1500 members in attendance every Sunday Service! The workload here dwarfed my previous experience by more than 20 times! I don’t know what Rev Patsika saw in me; but more than six years later the decision proves to have been a masterstroke! Somehow, it proves him right as an anointed identifier and nurturer of people’s gifts! In my case, the results are there for everyone to see and judge!

In conclusion, I leave you with the greatest life lesson I have learnt from Rev Oudney Patsika: A CANDLE LOSES NOTHING BY LIGHTING ANOTHER CANDLE!!

Happy 37th Birthday My Mentor!!

Tapiwa Zuze

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