• Prototype  -  Be The Best Version Of Yourself!

    I learnt a very valuable lesson in life. The lesson is that when people cannot attack your work, they are going to attack you!

    Remember, as you rise to claim your throne and we are all kings and all queens! We just have kingdoms that we have not discovered yet! So, as you rise to claim your throne you are going to see attacks coming your way.

    You see, most people live average lives!

    This is because they belong to that system of normalized averages called society and friends.

    So when you begin to stand out, being above average and say I want to be different and outstanding at what I do. The first thing the people in your clan will do is to look at you and ask — but who do you think you are!
    Prototype  -  Be The Best Version Of Yourself!
    Then when you prove who you are based on the quality of your work, knowing that they cannot attack your work, the only other thing left for them to do, is to attack you!

    These attacks will come from people who seem credible — and who have titles, so you are going to have to make a decision!

    Remember, when you choose to step out of your comfort zone to achieve your goal and fulfil your purpose, you will create enemies for you.
    What defines greatness is the will never to give up.

    That is your duty in this world!

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